Ride & Drive Visitors to ITT Hub 2021 must register in advance

For visitors to the forthcoming ITT Hub 2021 event at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre from 30 June -1 July, and wishing to participate in the demonstration ride-and-drive of vans, trucks, coaches and buses will be require to have a licence check (and alcohol test). For Irish attendees, this must be done in advance.
This is being conducted on the day by event partners, the Licence Bureau, using the online DVLA system. However, as only UK-issued licences can be checked on the day, licences  issued by European Union Member States will have to be checked in advance, which can take up to three weeks.
The event organisers don’t want to disappoint anyone coming from the Republic of Ireland, so it is imperative that they register in advance.
Unfortunately, we are unable to process non-UK licences during the event as there is a three-week lead time. Also, visitors must have a valid Driver CPC card. Please contact the Licence Bureau on +44 1442 430980 well in advance if this affects you,” explained Mel Holley, from the organiasers, Binswood Media.