Rome to get the first of 30 Indcar Iveco 7.9m Buses


    The first of 15 units of 30 Indcar Iveco 7.9m buses have been delivered for ATAC Roma at the Eternal City.

    The minibuses delivered are Mobi City L8 units, built on Iveco 70C18 chassis with Rome decoration. They have all the technological systems installed on board and are equipped with a universal access platform. These urban vehicles have very small dimensions (length 7.9 meters, width 2.35 meters) and help improving public transport even in areas with reduced traffic. They are also very efficient as their latest generation Iveco Euro 6 D engines reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

    During the next weeks the rest of the units will be delivered as a firm commitment to urban transport by minibus, ideal for cities with historical centres with narrow streets, and also for areas with a lower density of passengers.