Safety is more than a slogan, it is a State of Mind


While people have become used to living with COVID-19 we should not become complacent, advises the Health &  Safety Authority (HSA). Safety is important when returning to work with the Coronavirus cloud still on the horizon. On the HSA website, new information is published daily, with more details added to the FAQs section on a daily basis.

“COVID-19 response is a moveable feast and we would appreciate if you would remind your readers to regularly check the HSA COVID-19 pages for updates which are happening on an ongoing basis,” said a spokesperson for the HSA.

Also check out in relation to the return to work protocol.

“The Health & Safety Authority (HSA) is supporting the process of returning to work for all types of business and has published new guidance this week in the form of templates and checklists to assist employers and employees in these efforts in line with the Government return to work protocols, with regular updates on its website,” added the spokesperson.