Scania introduces new hybrid solution for TITAN airport fire trucks (ARFF)


Scania is introducing a new hybrid system for airport fire trucks, at Interschutz 2022. With its 16-litre, up to 770hp combustion engine and 380hp E-machine, the complete hybrid solution will enable quicker response time and more sustainable operations, transforming the market for airport emergency vehicles. The hybrid solution is the result of an intensive development process, adapting the proven technology used in Scania truck and buses. The system contains a turn-key solution from Scania including battery, E-machine, combustion engine and all related components, enabling the vehicle to operate in zero-emission or hybrid mode.

The first customer is the Germany-based chassis manufacturer Titan Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH, who will use it in their new T-39 6 x 6-H ARFF chassis series. The hybrid system battery power and E-machine allows the vehicle to operate with zero emissions, so that the vehicle can be used exclusively in electric mode to satisfy the normal airport speed limits. But when emergency situations arise, or extra power is needed, the vehicle engages the combustion engine to add extra torque and boost acceleration. By combining the power from the E-machine and the combustion engine the vehicle can generate a total of 1150hp, reaching record acceleration levels from 0 to 80 km/h, meaning it can get to the crash site much quicker than a standard vehicle.


“The outstanding performance parameters, coupled with the significant reduction in emissions through the availability of electric power for standard operations, make Scania’s hybrid-electric solution a game changer for airports,” says Torben Dabrowski, Global EMobility Sales Development Manager at Scania Group. “We have leveraged on the technology developed for our trucks and buses to develop an exceptional offering for airport emergency applications, and are pleased to reveal it here at Interschutz, along with our first customer, Titan.”