Scania reveals the newest member of its Super family – the Super Trouper!

Scania Super accessory

Today, Monday 1 April, Scania has expanded its SUPER range of vehicles with the launch of a special edition called the Super Trouper.

It is the truck that drivers will want to drive from A to B and from B to A, and is based on the current SUPER range of vehicles.

Including Scania’s range of super-efficient diesel and gas engines, gearboxes and axles, which can save operators between 4 & 8% on fuel consumption on long-haul operations.

Developed by Scania’s renowned Fiktiva department, the name of the game was simple – make drivers’ lives easier.

Vera Havinnuon, Head of Påhittad Technology at Scania AF, said: “I have a dream to make a truck so special by focusing on the fundamentals.

“We’ve made sure it is fun to drive and feels the way old friends do. Because ultimately, we want drivers to feel like one of us.”

Alongside bespoke badging for the grille and the side skirts, the Super Trouper comes with some other unique touches

There are new headlights and rear lights. Utilising the latest OLED technology, the truck will now play a new welcome and goodbye light sequence – a true dancing queen.

Angeleyes provides drivers with the latest high-definition on-road light technology, which gives greater all-round visibility, while not blinding oncoming drivers or pedestrians thanks to clever light dispersion casting a soft warm glow on others.

Disco Orb lightweight aluminium forged wheels create a disco ball effect as the truck drives along, refracting the light of oncoming traffic to provide other drivers with greater visibility of the truck at night.

Inside to celebrate Scania’s Swedish heritage, you can specify the truck with Royal Blue leather and Gold Yellow stitching. The headlining also comes equipped with ambient LED lights to help set the mood in the cabin.

The Voulez-vous lighting includes multiple colour configurations and two bespoke settings, including a Swedish inspired and calming mixture of warm yellow and cooling blue lighting, and a homage to Brighton, with a multi-coloured sequence utilising all the colours pre-built into the system.

Finally, this special edition truck comes with Scania’s newest infotainment system, giving the driver all the functionality and tools, they need at their fingertips. Built-in to the satellite navigation system are a quartet of favourites including Stockholm, Waterloo Station, Brighton Pier and Adelaide Airport, Australia.

If you have an S.O.S., don’t worry, there’s also a new voice recognition system which automatically calls the Emergency Services when you sing for assistance. And the clever system, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ can also find your favourite location, playlist or radio station.

Björn Skämtärpådig, Head of Göra Tro Department at Scania AF, said: “These innovations are an important step for us, we want drivers to take a chance on me and my team to make their lives better day-to-day.

“We don’t want to let our customers to slip through our fingers by not making their lives better and easier. After all, the winner takes it all.”

Alas, no Money, Money, Money could buy this truck……with apologies to ABBA!