Sharing resources can reduce impact – Aidan Flynn, Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI)


“As we are into another challenging week, the level and frequency of change facing our industry is unprecedented. All the contingency planning work we have done in preparing for Brexit, is no doubt ensuring the Irish supply chain and those working in it are more resilient than perhaps we may have been. Who would have thought that we would be referencing Brexit as a benefit for our industry at this juncture!

COVID-19 has resulted in on going challenges that no one could have predicted a couple of months ago. It is global and on a scale that is having significant impact. On the one hand certain parts of the freight distribution and logistics sector has seen ‘Christmas’ like booms and on the other there has be instantaneous deterioration of business. In the face of this difficult trading environment we are seeing a sense of community and support that is a credit to all.

We have feedback from members where sharing resources and supporting each other is really helping to reduce the significance of the impact for some.

For anyone interested and with the good fortune to be in a position to help, the Government have provided guidance on  How business can help with supplies and services to respond to COVID-19

Driver Safety Poster

The FTAI has published a COVID-19 Driver Safety poster. It is a resource that can be printed A3 size and added to existing driver handbooks. It is targeted at drivers but also a reminder for management on the issues to be discussed with drivers and the support drivers need in this difficult time.

“Protecting the health and safety of all workers on the front line is vitally important at this time. Where companies and indeed institutions such as hospitals are reliant on couriers for delivery of essential items, it is important that protocols and policies are implemented as a matter of urgency that remove the need for deliveries to be made into the main body of these institutions. This protects the staff on the front line as well as their fellow front-line workers in the supply chain,” stated Aidan Flynn, General Manager, FTAI.

“We in FTA Ireland are here for you, we are available to represent your needs and will continue to keep you updated on an ongoing basis. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0873546954 or email with any issues or queries and we will help as best as we can.”