Should grown ups write to Santa?


Yesterday was always going to be a bleak day, as the Government presented its medium term plan to keep the country in business for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, but who would have expected the day to end with the Cabinet in quarantine?  

Christmas this year will be different, on listening to retailers they are planning for people to start early on their shopping lists. In addition, courier companies will be gearing up for a massive increase in online deliveries as many people will try to avoid in-store shopping. With a roadmap in place to deal with the peaks in outbreaks of COVID-19, a county or region going into a type of lockdown will not be seen as such a big deal. On top of all this we face an uncertain Budget and we have Brexit on the horizon. It is a time for cool heads and getting on with things. Thankfully, the Cabinet Quarantine was short lived and the Government can now get back to work. It will be a long winter, let’s hope Santa can bring some welcome cheer!