Shuttle traffic for July 2020 buoyant on Eurotunnel


Le Shuttle Freight carried 123,879 trucks in July 2020 and returned to traffic levels close to normal, driven by the strengthening of anti-COVID and truck driver well-being measures, and despite a market which is still impacted by Government counter-COVID precautions.

On July 8, truck traffic reached a new high, since March 19, with 5,189 trucks transported. Since January 1, more than 789,000 trucks have crossed the Channel via le Shuttle.

In July 2020, our Passenger Shuttles transported 233,172 vehicles. The recovery is led by the very high reservation levels seen since the announcement, on 26 June of the lifting of the British quarantine, effective July 10. A peak in traffic was observed on Friday, July 31, with 12,239 passenger vehicles loaded on board the Shuttle. Since January 1, nearly 788,000 passenger vehicles have crossed the Channel aboard le Shuttle.