SIRO Partners With Geotab & Nevo on Electric Vehicle Transition


SIRO, the ESB and Vodafone joint venture company currently rolling out a €1 billion Gigabit broadband network across Ireland, has partnered with GeoTab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, and Nevo, a dedicated electric vehicle platform, to help the wholesale broadband provider transition its fleet to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Nevo is providing SIRO with Geotab’s telematics technology, which will provide the wholesale broadband operator with insights to assist with their efforts in reducing fuel costs and emissions, evaluating environmental performance over time, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

SIRO is in the process of transitioning its fleet of 54 vehicles to EVs, achieving 80% by mid-2023. Transitioning its fleet to EVs is a key component of SIRO’s emissions reduction strategy, the key goal of which is to reduce the company’s absolute scope one and scope two emissions by 50% by 2030 from a 2019 base year. SIRO is now able to leverage Geotab telematics data insights from devices installed in all of its vehicles to deliver on its sustainability strategy.

With a network build underway in every county in Ireland, SIRO’s EV fleet drives 2.6 million kilometres per year – the shift to zero-emission vehicles will ultimately see the company reduce its carbon footprint by 235 tonnes of CO2 on an annual basis from the peak of SIRO’s usage of ICE vehicles – the equivalent of charging over 28 million smartphones.

Prior to the partnership, SIRO did not have access to data that would improve its fleet’s operational efficiency, but the Geotab technology will now ensure vehicles are adequately charged, optimise route planning and reduce environmental impact.

Commenting on the partnership, SIRO Director of People and Culture Blanaid O’Regan said: “As a sustainable business, electrifying our fleet has been a key priority for SIRO as we progress on our journey to becoming a greener and more sustainable company. As we have demonstrated through the insights we glean from Geotab, the transition isn’t simply a case of shifting to EVs because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it makes business sense.

Technology is key for any organisation on a sustainability journey. Our 100% fibre-optic broadband network is empowering communities and businesses to become more sustainable by promoting remote working, minimising commuting, and enabling smart homes across the country. We are also benefiting from innovation as Geotab’s technology is priceless to us as we can accurately track the reduction in our carbon footprint and the savings that we’re making by transitioning to electric vehicles.”

Geotab’s Ireland & UK Vice President David Savage added: “Progressive businesses like SIRO are leading the way in the business community in the transition to EVs and we hope that more companies will follow their lead. There is a clear issue with the commercial adoption of electric vehicles in Ireland as evidenced by SIMI data which shows that only 3% of monthly sales of light commercial vehicles are electric, yet here is a business that is showing that not only can it be done, but that it makes business sense to do it.”

General Manager with Nevo, Derek Reilly expressed: “As a pivotal player in the electric vehicle space, Nevo is committed to driving innovation and sustainability in collaboration with esteemed partners like Geotab. Geotab’s technology is invaluable to us, providing numerous amounts of data points along with precise insights to track the reduction in the carbon footprints of our clients and the cost savings achieved through their transition to electric vehicles. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to pioneering solutions that make a positive impact on both our client’s operational efficiency and the environment.”