South Dublin County Council going green with Citroen Electric vans


fleet of five new Citroen Berlingo Electric vans have entered operations with South Dublin County Council,replacing old petrol and diesel vehicles.

Fully Electric Vehicles (EVs) provide a reduction in air pollution and carbon emissions, promoting sustainability and tackling climate change, whileoffering whole life cost saving. The EVs have benefits across the environment, financial and operational areas, and they require less maintenance. Electric vehicles also provide superior acceleration and climbing than standard petrol or diesel-powered vehicles and offer drivers a quieter and smoother driving experience.

This is our first step in the decarbonisation of our fleet,said Mayor of South Dublin County Council, Cllr Mark Ward. “Electric-powered vehicles reduce the impact of the Council fleet on local air quality. Other carbon-reducing projects in the pipeline for South Dublin include Tallaghts District Heating Project, the replacement of light bulbs with LEDs in Council buildings and street lighting, and improving transport linkages which includes the development of cycle tracks. All these planned actions are listed in South Dublins Draft Climate Action Plan 20192024, which will be out to public consultation early in the new year.

Five dedicated charging points have been installed in a number of the Councils offices and depots. Each vehicle can cover 170 kilometres on a full charge. The vehicles can take just 30 minutes to charge 80% of their batteries at fast charge points (DC charger) or 8h at regular charge points (AC charge).South Dublin County currently has 12 public charge points and 5 fleet charge points, and many supermarkets within the county provide EV charge points for their customers while they shop.

South Dublin County Council is committed to progressively adding Electric Vehicles to replace ageing petrol cars and diesel vans within their fleet, sending a clear message that South Dublin County Council is serious about reducing emissions and protecting the environment.With more Electric Council Vehicles on the road, it is hoped that others will follow the Councils example and make the switch to zero-emission electric vehicles.