SsangYong Motors to become KGM Motors (KGM)


SsangYong Motors is renaming to KGM Motors (KGM) with immediate effect. The announcement marks a significant step for the South Korean manufacturer with a new era of innovation and global market expansion. This transformation signifies a refresh of the brand vision with a focus on pioneering  the next generation of mobility solutions and incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as electrification, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence.

The new name will be set to the right of the brands iconic winged logo, which pays homage to KGM’s heritage since 1954. This corporate identity (CI) change will introduce a new refined brand colour scheme, where white on black replaces the current white on blue colour palette.

In addition to the new name, the distributor proudly adopts the brand’s global slogan, “Go Different. KGM,” reflecting a unified vision to inspire customers to embrace innovation and break away from the ordinary.

“KGM Global has changed its name for the first time in 35-years as it transforms into a brand for the future. This is an exciting period for us all in terms of unveiling a refreshed, modern brand identity alongside the development and launch of impressive products which utilise new technologies. We have embraced the change and we will continue to grow as a proud and respected SUV and pick-up truck brand.”

KGM’s renewed brand vision centres on the belief that change is integral to progression, emphasising that vehicles are not merely transactions but access to exploration. The brand invites customers to experience KGM’s unique qualities as a distinctive and innovative choice in the automotive market.

Despite charting a new course for the brand’s future, KGM remains committed to its core promise of exceeding expectations through transparent practices and delivering excellent customer service.

The recent progress in brand image and profile underscores significant growth, reflective of a strong product range that has increased exponentially since its launch. Utilising luxury materials and cutting-edge technology, KGM vehicles possess high-quality features, steering away from the conventional ‘value for money’ perception and continue to produce products of exceptional quality.

KGM Global boasts a rich automotive legacy spanning over 70-years, the company was originally founded as Ha Dong-Hwan Automobile Manufacturing in January 1954, before changing its name to Dong-A Motors in 1977. In 1988, the brand became SsangYong Motor Company which was acquired by KG Global with a majority shareholding in 2023. The acquisition signalled its entry into the automotive industry with a strategic focus on new product and electrification.