Telematics & Dash Cams in Europcar Vans Manage Driver Wellbeing


*Major construction safety equipment provider sees significant benefits with the adoption of Geotab and SureCam in Europcar long term rental vans

Safety comes first at BCS Group, part of the Barhale group of companies. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of safety and construction products and services, it has a network of drivers delivering to construction sites across the UK from depots in the Midlands and Scotland. Ensuring the safety of its employees and other road users is crucial.

Working with Europcar Vans & Trucks, a division of Europcar Mobility Group UK, BCS Group has recently capitalised on the van rental provider’s partnership with world leader in commercial telematics Geotab and dash cam experts, SureCam in a select number of vans on long-term rental.

“Like all employers, we want to ensure the safety of our staff at all times and, given that we are working in the business of safety, our customers expect us to demonstrate the highest standards”, explained Nathan Phipps, Fleet Supervisor, BCS Group. “We were excited to learn about Europcar’s partnership with Geotab and SureCam and the opportunity to give our drivers even more support.”

In an initial pilot of the technology, 50 Europcar commercial vehicles on long-term rent have been installed with dash cams and telematics. BCS Group has set up reporting that monitors specific high risk driving behaviours such as hard acceleration, harsh braking and speeding. Tailored reports enable the company to identify ‘good’ and ‘bad’ driver behaviours and to focus driver training on those individuals that most need support.

BCS Group is also able to edit each vehicle’s live device feedback to focus on specific areas of risk. For example, setting each device to beep when seat belts have not been used with the ignition running or for sustained periods of engine idling.

Driver Safety Scorecards are used to create tailored reports that give BCS Group an overview of all driver activity. They provide each of the company’s regions with monthly management reports showing the best-performing drivers.

“The combination of having vehicles on long-term rental with the integrated technology has been very useful for BCS Group in a number of ways”, continued Nathan Phipps. “Europcar’s long-term rental service means we can have a fleet that is fit for purpose for our business needs without having to make the financial commitments typical of leasing. And, through the Geotab and SureCam partnership, we benefit from insight that usually would only be accessible in contract or owned vehicles.

“The introduction of this technology has delivered both driver safety and cost benefits for BCS Group. We have seen a marked improvement in driving styles. It has meant a reduction in light damage on vehicles, which otherwise would add to our business costs, as well as a reduction in fuel usage.

From the point of view of driver education, the picture quality is very clear, so we have been able to use the videos to support training programmes within the business. Plus, at a strategic level, having the ability to ‘test’ the technology in partnership with Europcar has helped us understand how we might be able to use it in our owned vehicle fleet too.”

The other advantage for BCS Group is the ability to manage light damage costs and insurance claims more efficiently. “The instant alerts, combined with video content from the scene of an incident, are invaluable” added Nathan Phipps. “The high alerts are checked daily and we can download, save and use the video footage to defend against spurious insurance claims.”