The School Bell sounds as eerie as an ‘Air Raid Siren’


As the nation’s children and teenagers prepare to return to school, never have so many sectors of the economy been under so much scrutiny. The bus and coach sector is ready and up for the challenge. 

When school goers last travelled home by bus in March, nobody thought it would be close to six months before they would make the return journey. There has been a lot of debate and expert opinions as to the best way to return to school. Of course, many are still nervous about the return to the bus and classroom.

But the time has arrived to go back to school, as much preparation as possible has been put in place. There are two aspects that those involved in school transport must remember, health safety and road safety. At the moment the main focus is on the COVID-19 virus and the need for care by everybody. However, all drivers need to remember that safety of children when they are on and around the bus. Children, particularly the younger, may be overcome by excitement or anticipation and inadvertently overlook their own safety. Truck drivers and agricultural contractors should remember that buses are back on the road and be aware that routes they travel on are likely to have to be shared with school buses. Let us all be extra careful, COVID-19 and road safety are not mutually exclusive.