Tideworks forms Joint Venture with Brenock to provide technology solutions for Cruise & Marine sectors


Collaboration will accelerate innovation and increase value for customers

Full-service provider of comprehensive terminal operating systems (TOS) solutions Tideworks Technology, has announced a joint venture with Brenock Technology, a provider of software applications and consulting services for multiple industries, including the cruise and marine sectors. The two companies will collaborate by leveraging complementary strengths to deliver enhanced management tools and solutions to their customers.

The cruise lines and marine terminals are facing unprecedented disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic, with widespread suspension of services and concerns about the safety of workers and cruise passengers. Through the joint venture, Brenock and Tideworks, with the support of Tideworks’ parent company, Carrix and sister company, SSA Marine, will deliver solutions to help the cruise line community optimize and automate processes as they rebuild from economic setbacks and adjust to new health and safety standards onboard. Carrix has expanded and developed its business to support the industry’s changing needs; this joint venture is a continuation of these investments to deliver exceptional service to customers and partners around the world.

“We are eager to partner with Brenock to provide technology solutions to cruise lines and terminal operators to help them increase efficiency and save costs,” said Thomas Rucker, President at Tideworks. “With Brenock as an ally, our collective technology and expertise can help improve operations, solve mission-critical problems for our customers and partners and make a positive impact on their business.”

Tideworks’ suite of scalable TOS solutions, combined with Brenock’s mobile-ready management tools will optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs and boost performance for key stakeholders across the supply chain.

“The disruption to the cruise industry has been unprecedented,” added Jason Grant, Vice President of fleet technology with Holland America Group. “We are excited about Tideworks’ and Brenock’s joint venture as we evaluate solutions tailored to our industry and the opportunity to increase collaboration across the maritime sector.”

The joint venture will also provide growth opportunities for Tideworks’ and Brenock’s customers with industry focused innovations and solutions that will facilitate cost savings and enhanced productivity.

“We are dedicated to helping cruise lines innovate and will be there to help them rebuild against serious market challenges,” said Manus Walsh, President at Brenock. “Working collaboratively with Tideworks and its partners will enable us to accelerate this innovation and deliver added value to our customers.”