TII appoints Turas Mobility Services to operate M50’s free-flow tolling system and eFlow


Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has appointed Turas Mobility Services, a motorway customer service joint venture operation established by Irish business process management provider Abtran and VINCI Highways, to operate M50’s free-flow tolling system and provide customer services through the eFlow platform.

All customer service and transaction processes will continue as usual and without any disruption. Turas Mobility Services will take over the operation of all parts of the eFlow system managing the transition of services to the new joint venture operation in a planned, timely and effective manner.  The transition will be managed over an 18 month period and will be completed by the end of Quarter 1 2021. TII has awarded the contract to Turas Mobility Services for an initial 11.5 year period to 2031 with the possibility of this being extended until 2035 at TII’s discretion.

VINCI Highways and Abtran are both  experienced operators in road mobility and next-generation customer service. Abtran has a track record in delivering award winning customer service for eFlow since April 2009.  VINCI Highways brings extensive experience in infrastructure financing, construction, maintenance, operations, technologies and customer services in 14 countries with successful projects in large cities such as London, Dallas, Moscow and Lima.  Turas Mobility Services plans to make increased use of user-friendly digital channels to meet the next-generation travel needs of motorists as customers of the M50 tolling service. This will promote overall accessibility and compliance while ensuring maximum levels of customer satisfaction.

Commenting on the contract award Cathal Masterson, Head of Tolling, Transport Infrastructure Ireland said: “Transport Infrastructure Ireland is pleased to award this contract for collection of tolls on the M50 Toll Road to Turas Mobility Services. We note that both VINCI Highways and Abtran are very experienced operators with a strong track record of delivery in systems and customer service and we are looking forward to working with them over the next decade. This tolling contract will safeguard the collection of toll revenues on the M50 and the continued investment of this revenue stream in the national road network.”

Fadi Selwan, CEO of VINCI Highways, added: “This exciting new development will deliver continuous improvement for customers in the coming years. Turas Mobility Services brings together Abtran’s extensive expertise and excellence in customer service with VINCI Highways’ unparalleled international experience as a multi-skilled leader addressing all road mobility needs. This combination will serve Irish motorists seamlessly and efficiently and pave the way to the new generation approach of Mobility-as-a-Service.”