Trailer Innovation Award for SCHEUERLE rotor blade transport system

Expert jury praises simple operation and high cost-effectiveness

 – SCHEUERLE RBTS (RotorBladeTransportSystem) takes first place in the category “Chassis”

– Praise for simple and fast loading thanks to the plug-and-play principle

– suitable for rotor blades of 80 metres and more 

The RotorBladeTransportSystem (RBTS) from SCHEUERLE, a company of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) of the german Rettenmaier family of entrepreneurs, took first place in the Chassis category of the Trailer Innovation Award. This means that the highly innovative transport system for rotor blades can now bear the prestigious title “Trailer Innovation 2021”. An international jury of experts made up of journalists from 16 renowned European transport magazines, including Fleet Transport has been presenting the Trailer Innovation Award since 2002 for outstanding ideas and product innovations in the trailer and body sector. On behalf of the jury, Philipp Boenders, Chairman, praised the innovative concept of the RBTS, which allows rotor blades to be transported safely and in compliance with the law.

International jury of experts praises plug-and-play principle

“It is easy and quick to load, thanks to the innovative wind vane intake, which can be used according to the plug-and-play principle,” explained Boenders at the award ceremony. Therefore, transport with the RBTS saves the vehicle operator time and money. Moreover, it is multifunctional due to its intelligent design. It can safely accommodate rotor blades from different manufacturers and even versions with more than 80 metres length. The large stroke of the robust pendulum axle chassis also enables the RBTS to safely travel off-road, as is common on the way to wind farms. 

The RBTS equips transport companies with “future ready” solution

The wind power industry is facing a major challenge. More and more powerful wind turbines require ever larger rotor blades. Designs with a length of 80 metres and more must be transported to the wind farms, in future. In response to this requirement, SCHEUERLE has developed the unique RotorBladeTransportSystem. 

Solution developed together with leading wind power company

Together with Vestas, world market leader for sustainable energy solutions, SCHEUERLE has designed the vehicle combination of a two-axle jeep dolly with free-turning device and a four-axle trailer. The wind vane is mounted according to the plug-and-play principle. The wing root is easily picked up from the ground with the help of a quick coupling solution. A special clamp fixes the tip of the wind vane. In contrast to conventional systems, only a few tools are required for the SCHEUERLE solution.