Transaid receives large donation from DAF Trucks & Transport Association


Last week DAF Trucks and the Transport Association (TA) have together presented a cheque for £10,000 as a donation to transport industry charity, Transaid. The significant financial contribution comes after DAF Trucks supplied, free of charge, a CF 370 rear-steer 26-tonne 6×2 rigid for use by TA members in regular service in return for donations to Transaid.

The Don-Bur bodied curtain-sider had been liveried by DAF Trucks to promote Transaid’s work in access to healthcare; using bicycle ambulances to ensure pregnant mothers can reach medical care during childbirth, in countries with developing transport infrastructures.

A similar tripartite fundraising initiative in 2014 saw DAF Trucks loan three XF tractor units to the TA in support of Oxford-based charity, Helen & Douglas House.

Nigel Evans, Managing Director at Evans Transport and current Chairman of the TA, said, “It’s proved to be an extremely effective approach to fundraising and our members have rallied to get right behind the initiative. I am enormously grateful to DAF Trucks for the loan of such a well-specc’d truck,” he said, “a truck that possesses the flexibility to suit the needs of a great many of our members.”

Florence Bearman, Head of Fundraising at Transaid, said, “Naturally, we’re thrilled to receive such a sizeable contribution from these two leading industry organisations. It is only with the support of companies such as DAF Trucks and the TA, that we can deliver basic community-led emergency transport iniatives in Africa and beyond. It is an essential service for pregnant women and young mothers,” she said, “and we’re enormously grateful to DAF Trucks and TA for helping us make such a positive impact on their lives.”

“We’ve been very pleased to be able support Transaid with such an innovative endeavour,” said Nigel Beckett, Aftersales Director at DAF Trucks, “everyone has benefitted from this; TA members, many of whom have been impressed by three-axle CF offering operational flexibility and high manoeuvrability in operation, and especially Transaid, for whom £10,000 will go a very long way in executing the life-saving work they carry out in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Left-to-right – Nigel Cook – Elddis Transport & former Transport Association chairman, Alan Thornton – Malcolm Group, Florence Bearman – Transaid, Nigel Evans – Transport Association chairman and Evans Transport, Nigel Beckett – After Sales Director DAF Trucks