Transpotec Logitec at Fiera Milano, Italy from the 27th to the 30th of January 2022

More and more manufacturing brands are taking part: Transpotec Logitec at Fiera Milano from the 27th to the 30th of January 2022, the road transport and logistics exhibition, is set to offer a comprehensive overview of the road transport of today and tomorrow, with new vehicles and lots of previews.

Sustainability is at the heart new vehicle development: the new diesel engines and hybrid or electric powered vehicles on offer represent solutions that major manufacturers are putting in place to ensure increasingly “green” road transport. Transpotec will feature countless ideas from manufacturers along this theme, with electric, liquefied gas and hydrogen vehicles.

Safety remains key to those behind the wheel and technology is increasingly responding to this need with innovations in digitalisation and electronic vehicle management supporting drivers on each journey. Visitors at the exhibition will also have the chance to check out all the on-board equipment that combines safety and comfort and represents the cutting edge of tomorrow’s driving style.

However, sustainability, safety and comfort are not only dependent on engines. That’s why the latest concepts for trailers and semi-trailers with innovative materials and aerodynamics will be on show at Transpotec Logitec. Towed vehicles are, in fact, key to ensuring vehicle reliability in terms of both safety and performance.

Today, hauliers are at the heart of an extensive range of services and opportunities that allow them to improve the performance of their vehicles and get support and assistance at all times.

That’s why a wide range of companies that guarantee spare parts and offer after-market services will also be featured at the event. Mechanical components, tyres and accessories will enhance what Transpotec Logitec has to offer with a comprehensive range of solutions, not to mention services, with numerous solutions tailored to every need and route type.