Truck Racing: 2023 Technical Regulations to allow all-electric and hybrid powertrains in the ETRC


Following the approval of the FIA World Motor Sport Council yesterday in Paris, the FIA Truck Racing Commission has approved the 2023 Goodyear FIA ETRC Technical Regulations.

In line with the sustainability roadmap developed by the commission, all-electric and hybrid powertrains will be allowed in the championship from next year, along with the current generation of combustion-engined race trucks.

“The way is paved for alternative powertrains to join the truck racing grid, and we couldn’t be more excited” said ETRA managing director Georg Fuchs.

“Together with the FIA Technical Department we have been working on the energy transformation process with the aim, to be technically prepared to welcome any technology and energy form, powered by synthetic fuel, hybrid or electric on the same grid.

The approval of the commission to have more sustainable technologies on the grid is a further important step in our sustainability transformation.
A cornerstone of our strategy is to be open to any kind of technology, and at the same time keep our focus on truck and motorsport fans and their passion for truck racing.

Through the excitement of the sport and the positive emotions we are in a unique position, to demonstrate new technologies to representatives in the industry and increase the acceptance of sustainable solutions among customers and end users, the professional truck drivers.”

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has also given its nod to ETRA, the promoter of the Goodyear FIA ETRC, to explore possibilities to carry out a long distance truck racing format as a separate project.

INNOVATION CAMP TRUCK TALK: The challenges of bringing alternatively powered trucks to the market

Iveco, Mercedes and DAF talk about the challenges of bringing alternatively powered trucks to the market

As part of the roadmap towards sustainable racing, ETRA, the promoter of the championship, continues to utilise its platform to drive change.

A new addition in the Goodyear FIA ETRC paddock this year is the Innovation Camp, which is organised in collaboration with the local Event Organisers and the International Truck of Year (ITOY).

“With our new area we want to provide the manufacturers with a platform, to showcase their sustainable developments and present alternatively powered trucks at our events, to help increase the acceptance of new technologies in the industry and amongst truck drivers,” said ETRA managing director Georg Fuchs.

ITOY Chairman Gianenrico Griffini added: “The Innovation Camp is a powerful platform for truck manufacturers to show, what the industry can deliver today in terms of sustainable transport to meet tomorrow’s transport needs.”

The Innovation Camp debuted in the paddock at the season opener in Misano, displaying the bio-LNG powered IVECO Pace truck as well as a Mercedes-Benz eActros, a DAF CF Electric and a Renault D16 Z.E.

Business representatives from Iveco, Mercedes and DAF talked about the challenges of bringing alternatively powered trucks to the market, why they have chosen to pursue certain sustainable technologies and they also discuss, how they can help with the professional truck driver shortage.

Watch what they had to say HERE