UK fuel crisis driving surge in demand for Irish fuel tank monitoring technology


Shannon, County Clare based IoT hardware manufacturer Tekelek has reported a surge in interest for its fuel tank level measurement and smart monitoring solutions business from the UK, US and other international markets.

Recent days have seen the impact of a deepening fuel crisis in the UK, stemming from Britain’s shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers, with fuel being only the latest sector to be hit by this labour crunch. With retail prices soaring at the pump, queues for petrol and diesel, petrol stations running dry, pressure to prioritise access to essential fuel for key workers, and the army on standby to help tackle the UK’s supply shortages, Tekelek report that they’ve never witnessed such demand for their fuel tank level measurement solutions.

According to Tekelek’s Chief Sales Officer, Sean Ganley, UK fuel shortages are driving massively increased demand for their products, “Demand for Tekelek’s remote fuel tank level sensors are reaching unprecedented levels, with a surge in recent enquiries and orders largely resulting from the UK’s fuel crisis. Fuel is never more precious than when its in short supply and with such shortages, remotely monitoring and managing fuel inventories becomes critical.” Ganley added, “There simply aren’t enough tanker drivers to supply petrol and diesel to retailers, so our customers’ inventories must be better managed, with remote, real-time supply and demand data easier to access and pinpoint for distributors and retailers. Tekelek is striving to meet demand from businesses who face significant challenges and are looking for immediate solutions, as they slowly recover from the impact of the covid-19 pandemic and now face essential fuel shortages.”

Tekelek serve a diverse range of customers across the oil, gas, chemicals, water, waste management, and agri-food industries. According to Ganley, “Tekelek offer a superb range of monitors in 4G and 5G LTE Cat M-1 and NB-IoT, GSM, WiFi, LoRaWAN, Sigfox and Local Radio connectivity options. From small beginnings, Tekelek is now the largest level-sensing hardware company in Europe, with more than 4 million Tekelek sensors deployed across 50 countries on 6 continents. With Tekelek’s industry-leading IoT monitors, millions of tanks, cylinders, containers, bins, drums, silos, and piped networks have become smart – enabling distributors, retailers, manufacturers, utilities, local authorities and consumers to efficiently manage their inventories. Our cost-effective solutions accurately measure levels and inventories, ensure workplace safety, convenience and, very importantly, protect the environment.”

Tekelek is eyeing exponential growth of its tank level measurement solutions across the globe. Ganley added “IoT, the Internet of Things, has been a buzz term for years but now the rollout of smart devices is building serious momentum and we’re witnessing widescale deployment of our Industrial IoT hardware in all parts of the world. In a few short years, unmonitored tanks, bins and containers will be a rarity.”

About Tekelek – Tekelek is an Irish IoT company, specialising in the design and manufacture of the very best in level measurement instruments and remote smart monitoring solutions for the oil and gas, water, chemicals, waste management, agri-food and other industries.