Unimog Museum reopens – Well worth a visit

On the last weekend of January, the Unimog Museum celebrated its reopening with an extensive supporting program for young and old alike. This expansion doubles the available exhibition space, meaning there is now more than enough room for the new exhibition entitled “The Best of the Unimog Museum”, including numerous spectacular vehicles and much more to amaze all visitors.

After two years of construction, the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau has finally completed its grand exhibition hall standing 10 m high (approx. 33 ft). Featuring abundant timber and glass, this new building increases the exhibition area by 1,100 sq m (approx. 11840 sq ft) and provides an additional gallery space. Since the reopening, the Museum can now showcase almost every model from the Unimog and MB-trac tractor model series being used in a wide range of applications. In some cabs visitors can even take to the wheel and get a feel for what it’s like to operate a motorized vehicle like the “Universal-Motor-Gerät” (Unimog). Outside, visitors also have the opportunity to take a fast-paced ride on an all-terrain course with slopes and inclines of over 90%. This innovative exhibition concept also includes new digital exhibits and a scavenger hunt using your smartphone. To top off the Unimog exhibit, the new building is also home to a permanent exhibit on

The Unimog Museum opened its doors to almost 1200 visitors attending the two-day reopening festivities. In his opening speech, Christof Florus, Mayor of the City of Gaggenau, said: “The Unimog Museum is a jewel for the entire Murg Valley and beyond – and today it shines twice as brightly into the wider world. Getting something like this off the ground, privately, voluntarily, with an association: great work!”

This extraordinary automotive museum is absolutely worth a visit.