Unique IVECO Daily Chammoth edition raises £6,000 for endangered species


A 2,100-mile road trip across the UK saw this CNG-powered van help raise money for The Aspinall Foundation while becoming a social media sensation

A unique vehicle captivated the public as it toured the UK on a national campaign that took place in 24 key locations, becoming the star of social media posts in the process. The Chammoth is a fusion of both cheetah and mammoth – highlighting the vehicle’s class-leading agility and strong truck-based chassis capable of towing 3.5 tonnes. This campaign yielded a phenomenal social media reach of over 12,000,000.

Partnering with The Aspinall Foundation, IVECO pledged to donate £1 for every social media post featuring an image of the Chammoth. With clear links to the animal kingdom, this bespoke promotional vehicle was a perfect fit for the mission of raising money to help protect endangered species.

The public were encouraged to post on social media using the hashtag ‘#Chammoth’ while many tested their skills playing on the in-built coconut shy or colouring animal prints with sustainable pencils.

This IVECO Daily CNG’s transformation was completed by Finch Signs which helped design the vehicle.

A cheque for £6,000 was given to The Aspinall Foundation at its partner park, Port Lympne, in Kent. The international conservation charity is dedicated to the breeding and protection of wild animals. In 2020, it became the first organisation ever to rewild cheetahs born in the UK, with brothers Saba and Nairo heading back to their natural habitat in South Africa. Its award-winning UK partner parks of Port Lympne and Howletts provide sanctuary for precious wildlife and education on how to protect them for the public.

Samantha Bailey, Sales, Marketing and Fundraising Commercial Director for The Aspinall Foundation commented “We were blown away by the public interaction with the Chammoth and this generous donation that resulted. This sum will have a truly positive impact on our conservation programmes. It was also great to see so many people having fun with the Chammoth all over the UK.”

The 2,100-mile journey itself had sustainability at its heart, with the Chammoth being based on an IVECO Daily CNG powered by a 3.0-litre Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine that was fuelled with renewable bio-methane sourced from what would otherwise have been a waste product. Running on bio-methane also sees the engine produce up to 95% less CO2 in comparison to a conventional diesel model.

IVECO has been a global leader in natural gas vehicles for over 25 years, now offering CNG/BioCNG variants of its Daily and Eurocargo ranges, whilst the IVECO S-WAY can also run on both compressed and liquid natural gas, making an environmentally responsible solution available for every mission.

IVECO Brand Marketing & Communications Manager Lisa Fuller said: “Seeing the Chammoth come to life and the public engaging with it has been a lot of fun. The UK tour highlighted the environmental benefits of CNG while also raising money for a truly worthy cause.”