Unsung Heroes of the Emergency


By Patrick Donovan SOE MIRTE MCILT

“We all, quite rightly, appreciate the trojan work that our emergency services are providing during these trying times; people on the ‘front line’ such as our nurses, doctors and all other medical professionals. We are also very proud of the staff of Aer Lingus, which goes far above and beyond the call of duty in the effort to collect vital emergency equipment.

There is however, another group of gallant workers that deserves our praise and recognition that are quietly providing essential services to all of us. These are the men and women of the road transport industry that plays a vital link not only in the food supply chain but also the transportation of vital emergency medical supplies. Without these people our supermarket shelves would be bare. Our pharmacies wouldn’t have our medication; our home heating tanks would be dry. Our farmers wouldn’t have the milk collected, other vital public services would not be available and our economy would grind to a complete halt.

So let us all join and applaud these unsung, modest heroes, of the National and International road transport fleet ‘who have our backs’.”

A simple message, but very timely Pat. Please share any comments or thoughts you have with us.