Update to COVID-19 testing requirements for Irish Hauliers travelling to France


The Department of Transport has been informed that the French Government has amended its legislation with immediate effect, and will no longer require proof of a negative COVID test result from hauliers travelling on direct maritime routes from Ireland to France.

This is in light of the very low positivity rates of COVID-19 among commercial vehicle drivers, and is in line with the EU Green Lanes recommendations.

Proof of a negative test result will still be required for drivers travelling from Great Britain to France or the Netherlands, and therefore any hauliers travelling from Ireland via the UK landbridge route to enter France or the Netherlands must still have proof of a negative test result. Proof of a negative test result is also still required for travel to Germany. Drivers intending on travelling on such routes may continue to obtain a test here in Ireland at existing testing facilities (or in Great Britain).

In accordance with EU Green Lane recommendations, Ireland will continue to maintain a policy of exempting essential transport workers not showing symptoms of COVID-19 from quarantine and testing requirements when entering Ireland and we will continue to encourage all EU Member States to follow this policy also in the interests keeping supply chains open within the Single Market. This is particularly important for the continued movement of medical supplies and essential goods into the country.   

From 28th January up to the end of yesterday (04 March), RocDoc have reported that 5,743 antigen tests have been carried out on drivers, with 14 positive test results – a positivity rate of 0.24%.