VIDEO OF THE MONTH: BPW Load Securing Strapping System, CargoMaster

  • User-friendly system, designed for safe haulage and can also be retrofitted
In recent weeks there has been an increased focus on securing cargo on loading vehicles. Loads must be properly secured as it is critical for road safety. A load that is not properly secured can shift while in transit, increasing the risk of instability of the trailer, dangerous collisions, road closures, and even fatalities.

Recent conversations have highlighted the importance of proper load security, with several cases of poorly secured haulage on trailers causing concern. A recent article stated that of 37 vehicles which were inspected on British roads, three were removed from the road immediately, 20 were issued an immediate prohibition and seven with a delayed prohibition by enforcement officers.

The efficient and user-friendly BPW CargoMaster strap lift system minimises the risk of damage to goods and is compliant with DVSA load-securing guidelines. The straps, kites, or nets are suspended from the roof with bungee cords where they are kept clean, and ready for loading. They are attached to both side raves, with a rave hook and tensioned with a manual ratchet.

A guided roller-bearing carriage runs the full length of the trailer roof, maximising haulage capacity and allowing the BPW CargoMaster to be pulled and positioned over the load. Thanks to this system, the driver no longer needs to climb into the trailer to throw the straps over the load. This system improves workplace safety by lowering the risk of injury whilst also saving time in both loading and unloading.

Both easy to operate and cost-effective to maintain, the system fully encases loads and straps them directly to the vehicle chassis. This versatile system can secure loads of varying shapes and sizes. Due to an intelligent swivel and clamping technology, the straps, nets, or tarpaulins automatically lift back into the roof space when not in use. In this position, they are not disturbing the loading process and are available at any time to quickly and easily secure cargo from the ground.

The BPW CargoMaster, which can be retrofitted, is highly regarded for its performance, safety features, and adaptability out on the road. It speeds up deliveries while significantly reducing the risk of accidents and downtime whilst saving space to maximise haulage capacity.

Please also see attached a link to our video on BPW CargoMaster: