24/7 ASSISTANCE manages roadside assistance for Alltrucks


Workshop network optimizes service for fleet customers with Alltrucks Assist 24 package /24/7 ASSISTANCE implements 24-hour emergency call and payment protection for necessary repairs  


The cross-brand full-service workshop concept “Alltrucks Truck & Trailer Service” puts breakdown assistance in the hands of 24/7 ASSISTANCE. By working with 24/7 ASSISTANCE, Alltrucks is now offering its fleet customers in Europe the “Alltrucks Assist 24” package, which includes, for example, a 24-hour breakdown service in all European countries. 

“We were looking for a professional service provider at the same level, who is not only highly experienced in handling Europe-wide breakdowns, but also enables us to support our customers in many different languages,” says Homer Smyrliadis, managing director of Alltrucks. “With 24/7 ASSISTANCE, we have found the perfect solution for us,” he makes clear. 

If an Alltrucks fleet customer has a breakdown with his commercial vehicle on the road, he calls the hotline operated by 24/7 ASSISTANCE, which is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Fleets are helped in many European languages, including German, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian. The nationality is identified in advance via the caller’s cell phone number. 

When an emergency call comes in on the hotline, the 24/7 employees first check whether one of the 700 Alltrucks partner workshops is nearby and can take over the breakdown service. If this is not the 2 

case, the Europe-wide partner workshop network of 24/7 ASSISTANCE comes into action, which has a total of 40,000 authorized garages throughout Europe. If a stationary repair is necessary, the Alltrucks partner garage network is also prioritized. 

In addition, Alltrucks fleet customers benefit from payment protection via 24/7 ASSISTANCE: If repairs to the vehicle are necessary for a further journey that cannot be handled directly via the manufacturer’s warranty or paid by invoice, payment is made via a virtual solution from 24/7 ASSISTANCE. The customer receives an e-mail with a link that allows them to select their preferred method of payment, for example via a fuel card or credit card. Payment protection can also be organized for conventional repair orders from Alltrucks partner workshops, without any connection to roadside assistance, via 24/7 ASSISTANCE. 

“Alltrucks is known for customer focus and high service quality. In the future, 24/7 ASSISTANCE will help Alltrucks to further optimize its service and, in particular, its Alltrucks Fleet program through the individual processes coordinated between us, our professional range of services and our many years of experience in the commercial vehicle sector – as an effective instrument for customer relations,” emphasizes Jarno Bor, managing director at 24/7 ASSISTANCE. At the same time, 24/7 ASSISTANCE will also be using the Alltrucks partner workshop network for its own customers in the future, helping to further expand its services.