6 new IVECO S-WAYs keeps Lakeland Dairies MOOving!


Six new IVECO S-WAY 6×2 tractor units (AS440S48TX/FP) wearing Lakeland Dairies colours  aim to keep Ulster farmers and cattle happy around the clock.

Impressed by product reliability, driver feedback and dealer support, six IVECO S-WAYs are set to transport 1.8 billion litres of milk each year.

This is the third round of IVECO tractor units that have joined the Newtownards-based haulier North Down Grain (ND Grain) on contract with Lakeland Dairies, the farmer owned co-operative that has been in operation for over 100 years.

The vehicles are already playing a vital role in collecting milk from farms across 6 counties seven days a week, 365 days a year. Each year the IVECO S-WAYs will be responsible for collecting 1.8 billion litres of milk that are then turned into a variety of dairy products at Lakeland Dairies processing plant in County Tyrone.

From there, 170 different dairy foodservice and food ingredient products are produced for export to customers in 70 countries across the globe.

Each IVECO S-WAY has been specified with full air suspension to deliver maximum comfort for the driver and its precious cargo of milk. The driver is also able to raise the ride-height when venturing away from solid ground. Another valuable option here are the ‘hybrid’ front bumpers. IVECO S-WAY as standard features a 3-piece unit meaning operators need only change a damaged section, minimising repair costs. The hybrid bumpers fitted include bolt-on steel lower sections for added durability and strength for environments with a high potential for low-level obstacles.

The 480hp Cursor 11 diesel engine is mated to the smooth and precise automated 12-speed HI-TRONIX gearbox with a steering mid-lift axle to further improve manoeuvrability when accessing the tight Northern Irish country lanes.

ND Grain has contracted the new IVECO S-WAYs for four years in which time they are expected to cover around 360,000 kilometres each. Supplied by NI Trucks, the vehicles will be maintained under an IVECO ON 3XL R&M package. Connected to IVECOs European control room, drivers and the traffic office are afforded clear visibility and early warning of any servicing needs, boosting all-important uptime by improving forward planning abilities. The IVECO S-WAY also features over-the-air update compatibility which serves to eliminate potential workshop visits altogether.

Each IVECO S-WAY was ordered ready with Power Take Off (PTO) facilities and have since been equipped with a Hi-Power hydraulics system for pumping. The trucks often operate at full running weight, pulling tri-axle aluminium tankers with the capacity for carrying 30,000 litres of milk. Additionally, a Brigade camera system was fitted prior to delivery to maximise safety by eliminating any blind-spots while traversing busy farmyards and dairies.

Philip Davidson, ND Grain’s managing director, commented on the purchases: “After road-testing the IVECO S-WAY it was an easy decision to replace our current fleet. Driver feedback has been extremely positive and the trucks haven’t missed a beat since they went into operation.

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the IVECO S-WAY from the comfort and practicality of the interior to the product design. The trucks have certainly turned a few heads whilst out on the road,” he added.