New PEUGEOT Landtrek Pick-up – Conquering the Americas

Los Cabos, Mexico, was the official kick-off for the launch of the new PEUGEOT Landtrek Pickup in Latin America.
Its release in the region will take place in two phases: Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti and finally Chile in the first phase, then Argentina, Brazil and Colombia in the second phase.
During the press tests organised by the PEUGEOT Mexico subsidiary, around fifty journalists were able to test the vehicle’s crossing capacities and strength on the roads and tracks of Baja California. The raid was also launched from Los Cabos, which after 26,000 km through the incredible diversity of the South American continent, will reach Ushuaïa, the southernmost city in the world, in February 2021.
With the new PEUGEOT Landtrek entering the “One ton Pickups” segment, the brand is increasing its international scope. This segment is fast-moving and represents more than 2.5 million annual sales worldwide. The PEUGEOT Landtrek includes all the essential elements of the segment, namely reliability, ease of maintenance, versatility, real off-road capabilities and of course towing and loading performance. With remarkable styling, enhanced modularity and unprecedented body size, it meets the expectations of a demanding customer base by offering record-breaking body capacity, reinforced versatility and SUV-like comfort.

210 years. That’s how old PEUGEOT is, celebrating its 210th birthday on 26 September. That’s unique in the automotive world. PEUGEOT is the only brand still in business with more than two centuries of existence. Almost two months to the day after the celebrations that marked the start of the new school year, PEUGEOT has chosen to return in force to a historic market: pickup trucks. Yesterday, 24th November in Los Cabos, Mexico, more than 500 journalists were either present or connected online to attend the launch of the new PEUGEOT Landtrek Pickup; a world first. This project has been at the heart of the conviction and commitment of the PEUGEOT teams on a daily basis over the last few years. And through it, the brand is consolidating its international trajectory.

PEUGEOT, a long-standing player in the pickup truck segment

Long-standing, because PEUGEOT has an ancient but real legitimacy in this segment.
As early as 1938, on the eve of the Second World War, the brand offered in its catalogue a flatbed commercial vehicle derived from the PEUGEOT 202. This was also the case after the war, with the PEUGEOT 203, then with the tarpaulin-covered versions of the PEUGEOT 403 and 404. Finally, in 1979, the PEUGEOT 504 was the first of the brand’s cars to have a version officially named Pickup, produced in more than 375,000 units, notably in Argentina, and sold across all continents. However, the absence of a worthy successor to the Pickup 504 has meant that PEUGEOT has lost its place on the markets where a pickup truck is an indispensable model.

Why the PEUGEOT Landtrek?

With the new Landtrek Pickup, PEUGEOT wanted to tackle three challenges:
– To pursue its growth outside Europe thanks to a pickup offer that is as international as possible,
– Increase its sales volumes by relying on a full range of light commercial vehicles, 77% of which are pickups in Latin America,
– Strengthen its international reputation by attracting new customers.
Tackling these three challenges required an international approach by positioning the new PEUGEOT Landtrek Pickup in the segment with the greatest coverage outside Europe.

The “Full size” pickup segment, the largest in terms of volume, is almost exclusive to the North American market. The “small” pickup segment is more localised. PEUGEOT therefore naturally decided to position the new Landtrek in the “one-ton” pickup segment, which enjoys the greatest coverage outside Europe and represents nearly half of the light commercial vehicle market in Latin America. This segment alone represented 2.5 million vehicles in 2019, of which nearly 410,000 were sold in South America.

Given that on the commercial vehicle market, one vehicle out of two sold in the world is a pickup truck, this global approach makes it possible to predict an increase in the brand’s volumes and market share outside Europe. With a wider range of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), PEUGEOT has a trump card in its game to open up new markets. The new Landtrek pickup truck is PEUGEOT’s new weapon for conquering new markets and new customers outside Europe!

The brand’s specifications ensured a robust design so that the new PEUGEOT Landtrek will be a functional, enduring work tool, but also easy to repair, while being ideal for outdoor leisure activities. All of this is provided without compromising on reliability or quality, with more than 2 million kilometres of testing, notably in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, on all terrains and in all weathers!

Connecting the Americas

The reliability, quality, toughness and comfort of the new PEUGEOT Landtrek will be put to the test on the roads and tracks of the South American continent during a 50-day, 26,000 km road-trip, which will start on 25 November in Los Cabos. Three Landtreks will be setting off from Los Cabos to cross Mexico, before reaching Ecuador by sea and continuing their journey to the very southern city of Ushuaïa, in Tierra del Fuego Argentina.