A Country Divided on how to move Forward


As the Coronavirus stalks the land, there are divided views as to how fast the economy should open up. Civil and Public Servants, Construction workers as well as urban and rural people in general have opinions. The big question is – is it a vested interest as to what the next move should be?  

Jack Charlton was one of the few people that ever managed to “unite” Ireland in any, even simplistic way. Obviously his recent passing has brought him back to the forefront of most of our thoughts. COVID-19, while uniting the country at the beginning, now divides us. Should we open the country further to visitors or lock us away from the rest of the world? Naturally people’s comments and points of view are based on their circumstances. For some workers and sectors their income has not been impacted, others have had their livelihood’s and business decimated.

One thing is certain, a good, efficient supply chain is vital, dare I say, to our very survival. In a high profile interview in last weekend’s Business Post Mick Curran, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT), gave some very clear insights to the organisation’s importance (see CILT section in this e-zine). Whatever the view as to how we should be progressing through COVID-19 and however this crisis plays out, we need robust supply chains to move goods and people, as big Jack would have said: “Keep ‘em under Pressure!”