A new generation of commercial vehicle roof bars is here! – From Rhino!


Introducing the first in an exciting roster of upcoming product announcements, Rhino Products, based in Ellesmere Port, have announced a complete overhaul of their current roof bar range.

Rhino have been the leading the way in the commercial vehicle accessories sector for nearly two decades, with a team of nine in-house engineers focused on pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.

The first of Rhino’s upcoming new product releases is the announcement of a new steel roof bar system – KammBar Fleet. The all-new KammBar Fleet has had a complete redesign from its predecessor, DeltaBar, into the highly aerodynamic ‘Kamm’ teardrop shape, minimising wind noise and drag.

The high-tensile alloyed steel construction of Rhino’s KammBar Fleet, coupled with an inorganic topcoat zinc seal, protecting against the elements even in the harshest of weather conditions, will make the bar one of the most durable systems on the market.

The second announcement from Rhino is the redesign of their premium aluminium roof bar, now called KammBar Pro. Aerodynamic, stylish, and extremely strong, the Rhino KammBar Pro is firmly the leading roof bar of choice for professional van users.

Thanks to its unique teardrop shape, the KammBar Pro ensures the very best in aerodynamics, developed using the latest technologies in design and manufacturing. With bespoke fitment and pre-assembled legs for fast installation, as well as two pairs of load stops supplied as standard, the KammBar Pro is the ultimate roof bar system to take commercial vehicles to the next level.

Steve Egerton, CEO of Rhino Products Ltd, said: “The latest generation of commercial vehicles require a new generation of commercial vehicle accessories, designed with modern vans and aerodynamics in mind. We’re thrilled to be releasing our new steel KammBar Fleet to market, as well as rebranding our extremely popular aluminium roof bar to KammBar Pro. We still have further products to launch, so watch this space for more information!”