ADL (Alexander Dennis Limited) and BYD deliver to Auckland


In a joint supply deal, ADL and BYD has delivered six of eight new electric buses to the Island of Waiheke, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. When the complete order is in service over half the buses on the Island will be electric. Waiheke is connected by ferry to the mainland and has a population of almost 10,000 people, there are many holiday homes on the island. Both BYD and ADL have been active in the market in New Zealand for many years. ADL had a partnership with local manufacturer, Kiwi Bus Builder which has been renewed. Part of this arrangement will be assembly of electric buses for the local market.

New Zealand have committed to having it bus fleet to zero emissions by 2035, the future looks bright for all three companies. The recent delivery of the 11m BYD/ADL Enviro 200EV accommodates 37 seated passengers and a range 300/400km on a single charge.