Advice from Daimler Buses – EvoBus


Neil Gladstone, Area Manager, Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland for EvoBus, wishes to advise Mercedes-Benz coach and bus owners on the following maintenance procedures during the set-down period due to the global pandemic.

“This is some information that I came across from the Confederation of Passenger Transport regarding tyres but I’d also like to add that if operators have not already done so, to either isolate the battery master switch or disconnect the batteries on all parked up vehicles. From an engineering point of view I would also suggest reconnecting the power and starting the vehicles periodically and engaging gears, turning on the heating/AC etc.,” he said.

Tyre tips during extended parking

  • While there is yet no sign of how long restrictions on movements will be in place, it is possible that some vehicles used for local or home-to-school transport could be idle until they are reactivated in time for the new academic year in September.
  • Where vehicles are parked long-term, they should be driven around the operator’s yard frequently. If space is at a premium and that is not possible, the tyres should be rotated by a quarter turn.
  • Before moving a vehicle under these circumstances, tyres should be checked visually for signs of under inflation. If a tyre is deemed to require attention, the guidance above should be followed.