Picture of the Week: All-new Western Star 57X long-haul truck in the USA

*Another ‘Star’ in the making – The new Western Star 57X
Yesterday, Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) presented the all-new Western Star 57X long-haul truck in the USA. The iconic American brand’s latest truck offers a striking front-end design and characteristic chrome look and is the latest family member of the X-Series product family and joins its sister series 47X and 49X.

Western Star has redesigned the entire X-Series to meet customer needs for greater safety, efficiency and durability. The all-new 57X is designed primarily for customers who travel on long-distance routes, especially in the small-fleets segment or as owner operators – in contrast to the 47X and 49X series, which mainly serve the special and construction site vehicle customers (vocational segment).

Different variants of the 57X are offered to the various applications. The shorter and the longer cab versions both are available with different ceiling heights between 152 and 183 cm, the long version includes the bed and driver’s lounge. Improved insulation, a larger windshield and easy-to-use ventilation and temperature controls enhance operator comfort. The LED lighting package gives the 57X a distinctive look and helps improve safety with optimized road illumination. Numerous other comfort features and options also allow the customer to further customize the truck to the driver’s needs.

Start of production of the Western Star 57X will be in the 1st quarter of 2023 at the Daimler Truck North America production plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, U.S.

The new Western Star 57X is about 6 percent more efficient than its predecessor, the 500XE, making it the most efficient Western Star truck ever. Customers can choose from different engine options. The Detroit DD13 Gen 5, DD15 Gen 5 and DD16 engines all offer maximum efficiency with proven performance. The 57X is available with Detroit DT12 Direct or High-Speed AMT transmissions, which reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency while improving shifting and reducing wear. Intelligent Powertrain Management anticipates terrain and adjusts to road conditions to further maximize efficiencies. Various optimizations to the chassis and cab further reduce the fuel consumption figures of the new 57X. These include the aerodynamic hood and air ducts in the bumpers, as well as flexible skirts between the driver’s cab and chassis.

The Western Star 57X offers customers enhanced safety and comfort based on proven DTNA technologies. The Detroit Assurance 5.0 Safety System with Active Brake Assist 5 includes the camera/radar “always-on” system, Adaptive Cruise Control and optional Active Lane Assist. All-new to the 57X is Active Side Guard Assist, an industry-first technology designed to mitigate blind side issues during right-hand turns. The 57X is the first Western Star truck to have a digital display in the cockpit that allows instrument configuration and simplifies control of entertainment functions (via Apple Car Play and Android Auto) and vehicle information. Integrated steering wheel controls let drivers control most entertainment and information functions without taking their hands off the wheel.

*Previous models from Western Star were big hit movie celebs – The Last Knight” featured as the heroic Optimus Prime based on the Western Star 5700XE, while the 4900EX recovery truck also joined the cast as the Decepticon Onslaught.