All Quiet on the Dennis Eagle eCollect front


Visitors to IFAT (May 14-18 2018, Munich) had the opportunity to witness the next big innovation from waste and recycling collection equipment provider Terberg RosRoca, with an exclusive first glimpse of the Group’s new Dennis Eagle eCollect electric municipal vehicle, due to go into production towards the end of 2019.

*0% Emissions, 100% Electric, the all-new eCollect

A fully integrated product (low-entry chassis, refuse compaction body, bin lift and telematics system) with specifically designed battery packs and control systems, the eCollect features 300kWr next generation batteries, incorporating the latest available technology, with a 200kW electric motor driving a conventional axle.

Initially eCollect will be available to the market in a 26-tonne 6×2 GVW rear steer narrow (2.25m wide) configuration with left or right-hand drive options, a 19m3 narrow body and automatic split bin lift.

“The eCollect is the culmination of years of extensive research, development and joint efforts from our subsidiaries and is the first fully integrated OEM produced EV RCV. Integrated because uniquely, we are a manufacturer of low entry chassis, refuse compaction bodies and bin lifting systems. We are confident that the final product will offer our customers a more environmentally friendly refuse collection vehicle and one that will delivers affordable total cost of ownership and operation, whilst delivering zero emission waste collection and transportation,” explained Tim Conlon, Group Commercial Director at Terberg RosRoca.

“Aside from the replacing the diesel engine with an electric drive system, we have been mindful of making minimal changes to the existing vehicle design to provide ease of maintenance, as well as product familiarity with drivers and crews. As is the norm for our rigorous product development process, the eCollect is currently undergoing extensive trials and technical verifications. This process will allow us to ensure that we go to market with fully optimised battery management software, enabling the range of the eCollect to meet the unique requirements of urban collections and ensuring it provides a viable, high-performance solution comparable to traditional fuel types.”