Approval process completed: Sevic receives EU type approval for its V500e electric commercial vehicle

  • After positive tests by TÜV Nord in late 2022, the KBA granted type approval in March 2023
  • The light and compact electric commercial vehicle can now be road registered and is ready for customer deliveries in Europe

The German electric vehicle manufacturer Sevic has now received the European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) for the V500e, an all-electric light commercial vehicle of the L7e-CU class, which was launched at the IAA Transportation in September 2022. The approval procedure was carried out in Germany under the supervision of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). In this context, TÜV NORD carried out dozens of tests, including on the braking system, occupant safety, vehicle structure and drive train.

As a new manufacturer, Sevic also gained Conformity of Production, which ensures that the V500e can be mass produced with consistent quality in accordance with the type approval. The ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval) together with the Certificate of Conformity enables the registration of a new vehicle in all EU Member States.

“This milestone in the company’s history not only marks the starting point for the series production of our vehicles for the European market, it is also a great confirmation of our quality. In no other country are vehicles tested as meticulously as in Germany. TÜV Nord has been a very good partner for us in this regard,” said Sevic General Manager Alexander Brilis.

Sevic manufactures the V500e in the European plant of its partner Milara International Ltd., in Bulgaria.

Sevic will start deliveries to customers and dealers as early as March 2023. The first European dealers have already been communicated. Now that the approval process has been successfully cleared, many more dealers are to be added in the coming weeks. “We are very grateful for the trust placed in us by existing partners – for example in Italy, Poland, Germany and Greece. A pilot fleet is currently being set up for tests with international parcel delivery services, national postal companies, last-mile delivery services and leading facility management companies. This will allow us to quickly verify success in fleet operations and gain important experience,” Mr Brilis revealed.

The Sevic V500e is particularly flexible in its use. More than ten different standard load options and box systems as well as almost infinite individual load options, which can be exchanged within minutes with the patented Cargo Swap system, ensure a high application benefit. Boxes with different options, such as roll-up or folding doors, are available as variants. In addition, various flatbeds are available. All these cargo options are simply exchanged with a standard forklift truck if required. In addition to the bodies already offered from the factory, customised systems are also available, such as a tiltable waste container, which was presented a few weeks ago by the Italian Sevic sales partner VEM S.r.l. at the Ecomondo sustainability trade fair.

The vehicle is also flexible in terms of range and purchase price: the standard battery size with 16.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) and up to 150 km range costs € 24,900 net (plus bodywork and transfer); the long-range model with a 33 kWh battery and up to 300 km range (confirmed by TÜV Nord) is available for € 29,500 net plus bodywork and transfer.

Interested parties can already place a binding pre-order via the Sevic website: