The CILT has issued some guidance about the way those holding the qualification issued in the UK or Northern Ireland can be exchanged for an Irish one


Please note if you are affected by this change you must act to have your Cert changed before 31-12-20. Contact the CILT 01 6763188

As the issuing authority for Transport Managers’ CPC Certification, the CILT has issued some guidance about the way those holding the qualification issued in the UK or Northern Ireland can be exchanged for an Irish one.

Please see below confirmation from the Department of Transport that holders of a UK issued Transport Manager CPC qualification working for an Irish undertaking WILL NOT now have to re-sit the exam following the end of the transition. The Department is looking as a matter of urgency at contact all affected Transport Managers to aid the substitution of their UK issued CPC qualification to that of an Irish (EU) issued qualification before the end of the transition period (31 of December).

If this affects you or a colleague and you need to transfer your qualification to an Irish one, please note:

EU legislation sets out a number of requirements that must be satisfied in order to be eligible to hold a road transport operator licence, one of which is professional competence.  In order to fulfil this requirement, every road transport undertaking in Ireland (or indeed in any other EU Member State) must have a nominated Transport Manager who resides in the EU and who effectively and continuously manages its transport activities. The Transport Manager must hold a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), in either Road Haulage or Road Passenger Transport depending on the nature of the operator’s business. This certificate must be issued by an EU Member State.

As highlighted by the European Commission in 2018, and more recently, in July of this year, after the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December, transport managers’ CPCs issued by an authority of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, or a body authorised by the United Kingdom will no longer be valid in the EU.

As part of the Government’s Brexit preparations, the Department of Transport carried out a review and identified individuals with a UK-issued Transport Manager CPC who are currently nominated as Transport Manager for Irish road transport operators. The Department recently wrote to these Transport Managers and the relevant operators to ensure that they are aware of the position as outlined by the European Commission.

As outlined in the Department’s correspondence to those UK Transport Manager CPC holders who currently are listed as working as Transport Manager for Irish based transport operators, the Department has communicated with the European Commission on this important issue. Importantly, the European Commission yesterday indicated that we may issue a corresponding Irish Transport Manager CPC to those UK qualified individuals working for Irish operators, before the end of the Brexit transition period. This is extremely welcome news for those impacted Transport Managers and operators, as it means that these Transport Managers will not now be required to undertake an Irish exam in order to continue to work as Transport Manager for an Irish operator.