Awards 2025: Categories

What category can my company enter?


  • National Haulier of the Year
  • Refrigerated Transport Specialist (International/National) Operator of the Year
  • Own Account Transport Operator of the Year
  • Owner Driver Haulier of the Year
  • Regional Transport Operator of the Year
  • Livestock Haulier of the Year – NEW CATEGORY
  • Van Fleet Award
  • Livery of the Year Award
  • Safety Practice Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Environment & Sustainability Award
  • Fleet/Transport Manager of the Year
  • Women in Transport Award
  • Excellence in Warehousing & Product Handling Award
  • Customer Service Excellence Award
  • Technician of the Year
  • Services to the Transport Industry


You may enter as many categories as you wish. A full description of each category is set out below.


National Haulier of the Year 

This category is open to operators that transport goods within Ireland and are registered in the Irish Republic. Companies will need to show the active measures they have taken to improve service levels and to grow the company, in both quality and profitability. The judges will be looking for all-round commitment to good business practice led by a commercially minded individual.


Refrigerated Transport Specialist (International/National) Operator of the Year

Open to Irish registered hauliers that transport goods internationally. Details of vehicle fleet and type of contracts undertaken should be outlined. If there are depots overseas, please state so, and detail measures taken in terms of driver and load security when overseas. Adhering to European/International legislation is also a key consideration within this category.


Own Account Transport Operator of the Year 

Entrants must operate their own fleet of vehicles to distribute their own goods. Companies will need to show the active measures they have taken to improve service levels and to grow the company, in both size and profitability. Judges will focus on investments or improvements made to increase efficiency of the distribution sector of your business/production facility.


Owner Driver Haulier of the Year 

Operators of own vehicle(s) as an owner-driver are eligible to enter this category. History of involvement in business and type of work undertaken must be outlined as well as vehicle details. National, International and Regional hauliers can be in contention for this award. Details of vehicle fleet should also be outlined together with service and maintenance routine.


Regional Transport Operator of the Year 

This category is open to operators who transport goods within a specific region of Ireland, operating a specific fleet of vehicles for local distribution. High levels of customer service together with efficiency and reliability are key factors here. If a member of a network, please state. Details of types of vehicles as well as service and maintenance routine should be outlined. Highlight any special areas of service provided.


Livestock Haulier of the Year – NEW CATEGORY

This year, Fleet Transport introduces a new category – Livestock Haulier of the Year Award – honouring operators in this specialised transport sector. Applications have the opportunity to highlight and express their expertise in the carriage of livestock in and around Ireland or beyond into Europe. They need to outline the history and evolution of the firm, the type and specification of their truck (and trailer) fleet, repair and maintenance record etc. In addition, procedures relating to health and safety and the welfare and care of the client’s livestock when in transit, must be outlined. For those that operate internationally, are they sourcing backloads that are compatible with their trailers, in order to add to their turnover and maximise load efficiency.

Van Fleet Award 

This award sets out to recognise companies which operate a number of light commercial vehicles and consistently demonstrate best practice in their operation. As the van sector includes a large number of companies who are not primarily engaged in transport, there is great scope to include companies who use light commercials to provide services to their customers or end users. Outline any special or specific equipment fitted to the vehicles.


Livery of the Year Award 

A good corporate image can be achieved through stylish and modern livery on operators’ vehicles. These mobile advertising billboards can impress both the customer and public alike and do a lot to increase levels of professionalism within the company. Not only are clean, effective graphics and colour schemes required here, but the condition of the vehicle carrying the livery is also up for consideration when the marks are allocated. Details on how the corporate image supports the business objectives/strategy is also key in this category.


Safety Practice Award 

Companies entering this category should show evidence that their company embraces safety as a culture and provides the same resources to it as all other activities in the organisation. An active safety management system which includes Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment must be in operation for all the company’s activities. Investment in safety procedures through implementation of staff training or safety items must be outlined.


Innovation Award 

The Innovation category seeks entrants who can demonstrate that their ideas have made a genuine difference to their company resulting for example in either profitability, a new or altered business process within the company or changes in the products and services provided. Companies that have entered new sectors/markets or have introduced a new product should enter this category.


Environment & Sustainability Award 

Road transport operators, in creating efficiencies will need to demonstrate how they have developed their environmental impact and ongoing assessment of same. For this category please provide environmental statements ton how your company meets operational planning, routing, cutting down on empty running. Demonstrate how telematics play an important role in achieving this overall goal. Explain how the data is downloads, assessed and addressed. How is the driver performance rated, how reliable is the truck/van fleet? What is the age profile of the fleet. Mention how vehicles are purchased and if alternative fuels are used. Detail how energy usage is reduced and recycling methods undertaken.


Fleet/Transport Manager of the Year 

Overseeing the efficient and safe operation of a fleet of trucks and their drivers are what the judges will look for here. This person must demonstrate the highest levels of ability, professionalism and knowledge of fleet. Methods of reducing costs as well as knowledge of IT techniques in improving the day to day running of the business must also be detailed. Type of vehicles used and employment responsibilities should also be outlined.


Women in Transport Award 

This category is designed to recognise women working in all areas of the transport and haulage industry. If you have achieved success in your area of expertise in the road transport industry, the judges will welcome an entry from you, whatever your position. This category aims to recognise women who are positive role models in the industry to encourage more women to see the haulage industry as a worthwhile career. The judges will look for innovation, enthusiasm and dedication in what is often perceived as an unattractive industry by women.


Excellence in Warehousing & Product Handling 

This category offers an opportunity to a broad range of operators in the transport, storage and handling of products. It is open to companies such as hauliers, own account, distribution, freight consolidation, forwarding and logistics specialists. The judging panel will assess policies and procedures covering aspects of this specialist sector including history, customer relationship management, security, Health & Safety, HR & Training and care for the environment.


Customer Service Excellence Award 

The ‘Customer Service Excellence’ award recognizes specific accomplishments in customer service, whether they are achievements by an individual, a team, or a department. The judges will look for evidence of the eff ort and impact of excellent customer service on the customer and business. Training and demonstrable commitment of the company to customer service will be an added bonus in this category. Customer testimonies will also be of benefit.


Technician of the Year Award 

Entrants in this category must have completed an apprenticeship and have a minimum of one years experience. Entrants should be fully competent in the servicing/repair of commercial goods/passenger vehicles to the highest manufacturer standards. As well as technical competence in the mechanics of a vehicle, entrants must have a thorough knowledge of the electrical and electronic components of a vehicle and be comfortable with using the latest diagnostic equipment to identify and rectify faults.


Services to the Transport Industry Award

Any individual who has made a significant contribution to the transport industry can be nominated in this category. Those who have helped to raise standards or are actively involved in campaigns on behalf of the transport industry will be acknowledged with this award. It is open to nominees of all ages not just those who have completed a life time of service.