Brexit congestion situation: Updates from French & GB sides


From Eurotunnel Freight Commercial Team:

Following the decision by the French government, travel from UK to France is currently suspended for a period 48 hours which started on 20 December at midnight CET.

The conditions of a possible lifting of this restriction are not yet known. However, we understand that travel may be accepted again soon for drivers able to evidence that they have had a negative PCR Covid-test within 72 hours prior to entering France (expected to be checked by the French authorities on the Folkestone terminal).

We know that it is in no way easy to know where to go and how to proceed to get these tests. We are investigating with health authorities on both sides what could be organised for your drivers and will inform you when we have more details about what is decided.

Meanwhile, if you have the means to get it organised for your drivers, we strongly recommend that PCR tests are planned to time with the expected end of this restriction period.

Meanwhile….. Don’t panic buy – the Christmas supply chain is resilient, says RHA

The UK’S Road Haulage Association (RHA) has urged shoppers not to panic buy after the French Government closed the border with the UK last night.

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett said that retailers have brought in more ambient stock than usual for the time of year amid long-standing industry concerns about border delays after transition.

He said: “The Christmas supply chain is resilient and our industry is very good at making sure we’ve got all the goods we need as we’ve shown throughout the pandemic.

“So we urge people not to panic buy which could spark unnecessary shortages in January when some goods could already be harder to come by.”

He raised concerns about British exports getting across the border this week and what facilities are available to lorry drivers stuck in queues in Kent.

“Truckers typically have low COVID-19 infection rates given the nature of their jobs and minimal contact they have with others so it doesn’t make sense that they can’t cross the border into France.”

“We’re reassured that UK ministers are making every effort to resolve this issue with their French counterparts as quickly as possible,” he added.