Bridgestone’s multi-faceted fleet customer approach


Far from there being one underlying component to keep commercial fleets content, Bridgestone believes there are a number of compelling factors that combine to keep its customers on the right road.

The mobility solutions leader is continually evolving to meet the bespoke needs of its customers, thanks to a multi-faceted approach featuring state-of-the-art new products and a number of cutting edge solutions.

The acquisition of Webfleet Solutions in 2019 is an example of the brand’s ongoing commitment to make fleet operations more effective and efficient. This sits alongside a host of ground-breaking new products such as the all-new Duravis All Season, Duravis R002 and its range of fuel-efficient Ecopia tyres.

The overriding ambition is to remain the undisputed number one in Europe and consolidate a global leadership position in fleet management services.

Webfleet Solutions

Bridgestone is continuing its transformation journey from tyre producer to mobility solutions leader courtesy of Webfleet Solutions, formerly known as TomTom Telematics. With demand for fleet-based mobility growing year-on-year, fleet managers need more than ever before a reliable and innovative partner to help them maximise their effectiveness and efficiency through increased productivity and minimised total cost of ownership.

Webfleet Solutions allows business processes to be streamlined with seamlessly connected, end-to-end systems, including integrations with applications ranging from transport management systems and on-board cameras, to mileage, route optimisation and HGV specific navigation.


In terms of product innovation, a number of commercial tyres have also been unveiled to the market in recent months, with best-in-class performance and lower CO2 emissions at the heart of their design.

Duravis All Season

Unveiled as recently as June 2020, the Duravis All Season is aimed at the light truck segment and is designed with both small and large fleet operations in mind. It is ideal for professionals who want to maximise their business efficiency and stay in control with the same tyres throughout the year. Achieving a best-in-class EU label A-grade in wet grip, the product allows fleets to keep going even in adverse weather conditions. The tyre delivers this through high-volume slots in its shoulder for improved water evacuation and an optimised contact pressure distribution. This latter design feature also improves the tyre’s snow and wear performance.

Ecopia H002

The new Ecopia H002 achieve best in class fuel efficiency through an EU label A-A-A grade combination in steer, drive and trailer. By using new Ecopia tyres on steer, drive, trailer axles, an average long haul fleet would be able to make more than a €200,000 saving per year on fuel costs and reduce their CO2 emissions by 546 tonnes per year.

Duravis R002

Developed and tested in partnership with 17 fleets across 13 countries and a wide variety of operation conditions, the latest generation of Bridgestone Duravis tyres is designed for the versatility segment, to meet these requirements in order to best serve fleet customers. The Duravis R002 offers a boosted wear life that is up to 45% percent improved on its predecessor[1] and a cost per kilometre that is reduced by 15% percent vs predecessor (average steer, drive and trailer).[1] And for savings not only in terms of cost, but also CO2 output, the new Duravis provides optimised fuel efficiency, with a B-C-B combination in steer, drive and trailer.


One of Bridgestone’s trump cards is its breakdown response times, which reduces downtime for customers. On average, the Bridgestone Partner network assists more than 35,000 stranded commercial vehicle operators each year, with an average time of around 60 minutes taken from the moment the first call was made to the point at which roadside assistance arrived.


Bridgestone unwavering investment in its retread products is maintaining the company’s position as leaders in the sector, at a time when the market has rarely been more relevant. With commercial businesses looking for sustainable solutions and fleets placing a heavier emphasis on being ‘greener’, the Bandag retread franchise assists hugely in the move towards the lowest total cost of ownership of product.

In this regard, Bridgestone is fully committed, while a sustainable future fits with its company ethos, where retread is a core environmental policy.