Video of the Month: Buckle Up and Sing out loud with Nissan Townstar Karaok-e

Nissan is set to brighten your daily commute with the Townstar Karaok-e: a one-of-a-kind van that brings you a karaoke on the go and demonstrates the versatility and conversion capabilities of the Townstar range.

A modified Townstar-e Evalia with a 45kWh battery and total range of up to 301km has been decked out with its very own built-in karaoke system to offer an experience that’s as fun as it is unforgettable. Boldly breaking the mould, Nissan Townstar Karaok-e delivers essential electric efficiency and refinement alongside on-the-go entertainment that’s sure to keep everyone singing.

The development and design of the Townstar Karaok-e was conceived with two ideas at its core: wellbeing and happiness. With singing and music scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost dopamine levels and produce endorphins, the Karaok-e is a one-off van designed to defy their ordinary routines, and bring an electrifying boost to urban dwellers from all walks of life.

Revamped interior for a sensational singing experience

In place of the usual spacious seven seats found in the Townstar Evalia, the Karaok-e ‘s rear layout has been transformed into a cutting-edge karaoke lounge capable of turning anyone into a singing sensation! With a revamped interior space, the Townstar Karaok-e boasts ample room that shows off the agility of one of Nissan’s most popular vans.

From its seamlessly integrated karaoke system and 32″ monitor display, to its extensive repertoire of songs spanning diverse languages and state-of-the-art sound system featuring a powerful subwoofer, this karaoke experience guarantees a journey that’s enriched with spacious comfort and unforgettable performances.

With Instant Sharing apps, performers can also personalise intros, outros, interface designs, and watermarks, whilst seamlessly recording their performances via GoPro, meaning anyone can share their singing abilities with friends and family on any of their preferred social media channels.

To crank up your performance, cabinet and roof lighting are synchronised with the beat of the music, adding an extra layer of immersion to your karaoke experience. And look at the vibrant exterior! Wrapped in a mesmerizing Colourflow design, the van’s exterior changes colour as the angle of sight shifts. From lively purples to calming blues and greens, the multicoloured wrapping injects vitality and flair, ensuring all eyes are on you.

Have a look at the video below to witness how the Nissan Townstar Karaok-e will bring communities and commuters together through singing and get inspired to join in on the musical magic the concept seeks to create!

Experience your very own Townstar Karaok-e 

Feeling Inspired by the Townstar Karaok-e? Whilst this one-of-a-kind van is not available to purchase, Nissan offers a range of Townstar variants which will have you singing all day long or allow you to turn this versatile van into your very own fun project.

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