Carbon off-set programme announced at Maxol Premium fuel range launch


The Maxol Group is about to introduce a carbon emissions offsetting programme that aims to support a number of green initiatives both at home and globally, including the planting of 10,000 trees across the island of Ireland, local community projects and global projects designed to offset carbon emissions, including fuel emissions.

The programme is being launched to help balance out the environmental impact of Maxol’s new Premium fuel range that is being rolled out across its network. Maxol Premium is a better fuel option for the environment with fewer pollutants and contains a deposit control additive that reduces build up in the engine, while improving power and acceleration.

Launched in conjunction with international sustainability company GreenPrint, the programme is the next step in the forecourt retailer’s journey towards reducing its carbon footprint.

Maxol’s Carbon Neutral Programme purchases offsets across a variety of global carbon offset projects to neutralise your environmental impact.

“For every litre of Premium fuel you buy at Maxol, we calculate your carbon emissions and offset them at 100%, through investments in certified carbon offset projects around the world and local environmental initiatives across the island of Ireland. In addition, 10,000 trees will be planted in Ireland over the next two years in collaboration with Trees on the Land Initiative,”

Brian Donaldson, CEO, The Maxol Group commented.

“Environmental issues have never been so pertinent and all of our green initiatives, including the recent launch of bright energy, are part of our group’s journey towards a more environmentally sustainable company. The transition will not happen overnight, but we are taking important steps to get there. Maxol Premium is currently our best fuel option in terms of sustainability. We’re not saying that the greener option is carbon free, but it is more environmentally friendly, offers better fuel economy and has fewer pollutants.  In addition, the green projects we are supporting help to negate, or balance out, the carbon emissions from your tailpipe. Some of the projects such as the wind farm projects will have an immediate impact.  Others, such as the tree-planting are more long-term, but they are all focussed on reducing our collective carbon footprint.”

This initiative is the next step in Maxol’s long-term environmental strategy.  Already the company has introduced 100% recyclable deli packaging, 100% compostable single-use cups and lids, it harvests rainwater for its carwashes, has invested significantly in installing compostable and recyclable bins, and encourages customers to reuse keep cups by offering a 25c discount on hot drinks.

10,000 trees will be planted in Ireland over the next two years in collaboration with Trees on the Land Initiative , a cross-border programme working to establish young native trees in rural and urban areas that will grow for many years and provide valuable resources, beneficial ecosystem services and a lasting legacy for future generations. The 10,000 trees are being planted on behalf of the people of Ireland and Maxol is kickstarting this element of the campaign by planting and dedicating 1,000 trees to its employees. The company is also inviting the public to nominate someone special, on whose behalf they will plant a tree. For more details on how to dedicate a tree to a friend, family member or local hero, check out

Maxol will also support local community projects with Crann Ireland which was established to raise awareness for the environmental importance of trees, hedgerows and woodland.

Caption: Brian-Donaldson – CEO, Maxol and Kausalya Gibson -The Conservation Volunteers together with young volunteers Freya (3) and Casey (8)