cargo-partner mastered numerous time-critical transport challenges in 2022


*When every second counts: cargo-partner mastered numerous time-critical transport challenges in 2022
Emergency solutions by air freight and road transport are among the international transport and logistics provider’s specialties. In the past several months, cargo-partner has had various opportunities to prove its expertise in finding the fastest possible solutions – whether it’s by air freight, truck, express van or helicopter.
Although global transport operations have largely returned to normal over the past year, demand for emergency solutions by airfreight and road transport has remained high. Since the start of 2022, cargo-partner has handled hundreds of emergency requests for customers all around the world.

On-board courier from China to Hungary
Recently, the cargo-partner team received a request to ship 50 pallets on the next flight out from China to Hungary. The logistics provider offered an express solution with a premium air freight carrier. Suddenly, the cargo-partner team was informed that two of the pallets needed to arrive at the customer’s factory in Hungary even faster to avoid a production shutdown. The team arranged for an on-board courier on the next available flight to deliver these two pallets. Once the courier arrived at the destination airport, the cargo was immediately rushed to the factory, successfully preventing a production stop.

On-board courier from Czech Republic to Mexico
A customer in the Czech Republic called cargo-partner with a request to ship a 15 kg package to Mexico immediately. The cargo-partner team quoted a solution within ten minutes and the customer instantly confirmed. Since there was no on-board courier available, a cargo-partner sales representative booked herself on the next flight. She departed with the package only four hours after the initial call. The package was delivered the next morning, and thus, a very cost-intensive production stop could be avoided.

Van transport from Ireland to France
In addition to numerous requests for emergency transports by air, cargo-partner’s road transport teams have been handling various time-critical shipments as well. A few weeks ago, the team in Frankfurt was contacted by a customer at midnight. The company was facing an imminent production stop and urgently required parts from Ireland shipped to their factory in France. cargo-partner first intended to send a helicopter, but no airport was available to load it at this time. Therefore, the team arranged for a van to collect the cargo and deliver it to the first available airport. The next morning at 7 AM, the goods were already entering the production line.

Helicopter transport to Hungary
An automotive customer based in Hungary called cargo-partner requesting an urgent transport from one of their suppliers to their production site. cargo-partner offered two options: They could deliver the goods by van the next morning, or by van and helicopter within the next five hours. The customer opted for the second solution. The goods were collected by van and taken to the nearest airport, where the helicopter was already waiting. The shipment was delivered to the customer’s production site in the blink of an eye, and production could continue without interruption.

Jo Feiks, Corporate Director Product Management Air Cargo at cargo-partner, is proud of the good work of cargo-partner’s Emergency teams: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve adapted very quickly to all the new challenges in the transport industry. Our 24/7 EMERGENCY Desks in Asia and Europe provide round-the-clock availability, fast reaction times and flexible solutions – from charter planes to helicopters, on-board couriers, express vans and cars or, in cities like Bangkok, even delivery by motorbike. When every second counts, we put everything in motion to create a tailor-made solution, true to our motto: we take it personally!”