Carousel Logistics streamlines parts delivery times for MAN Truck & Bus (MAN) parts in the UK & Ireland



*The time-critical specialist has tailored a service shaving 24 hours off the commercial vehicle manufacturer’s spare part delivery lead times

Carousel Logistics has redefined the spare parts delivery network for commercial vehicle manufacturer, reducing lead times  by up to 24 hours and implementing a By:NIGHT delivery solution for its full dealer network.

By placing MAN’s unique needs at the forefront, Carousel developed a time critical solution that features daily multiple collections and a combination of chartered aircraft uplifts with road linehaul movements, optimising the entire supply chain.

“The service we designed for MAN is a perfect example of Carousel’s deliberate strategy to provide customer-led logistics solutions,” said Tim Deniz, Chief Commercial Officer, DANX Carousel.

“Carousel meticulously addressed pain points across the supply chain, ensuring alignment with the requirements of all stakeholders, from Customer Services to Accounts to MAN’s Dealer network.”

The majority of the operations will involve the time-critical deployment of commercial vehicle spare parts from Germany to the UK & Ireland (irrespective of size or weight), supported by Carousel’s unique customs brokerage offering and then on to MAN’s dealer network.

With Carousel’s control tower, Gateway, the dealers can view their own shipments progress with full visibility and control.

“A bus or truck off the road costs UK & Irish businesses, as stock or people can’t be moved,” said Bartosz Misiurny, Supply Chain Manager, MAN Truck & Bus.

“Carousel’s innovative solution ensures that ordered parts reach dealers swiftly, minimising disruptions for MAN’s end customers and enhancing the efficiency of our dealer network.”

MAN’s focus on enhancing service levels, transparency, and efficiency aligns seamlessly with Carousel’s strategy. Further collaboration between the two entities is highly anticipated.