Citroën presents the pure electric ë-Berlingo Van

ë-Berlingo Van satisfies professionals’ day-to-day requirements, in semi-urban or rural environments, due to its range of up to 275 km (WLTP cycle).

Available in four bodywork configurations, with a load volume of up to 4.4 m3, loading capacity of up to 800 kg and all the modularity of the Extenso cabin.

Citroën has launched the ë-Berlingo Van, the electric version of its light commercial  vehicle, offering more productivity for professional clients, through the use of completely new technologies, with no change to its exemplary modularity and loading capacity, and all the benefits of electric driving.

“Citroën Berlingo Van, the standard-bearer in the small van market, is renowned for its practicality, which has given rise to many innovations. By adopting the best of electric vehicle technology, it is offering professionals even quieter operation. With ë-Berlingo Van, they will find the ideal partner to accomplish their daily missions in unrivalled comfort, with great freedom of movement and control of operating costs, without any compromise in terms of load and volume. After ë-Jumpy, which was voted International Van Of The Year, and ë-Jumper, ë-Berlingo Van is an important link in our electrical offensive, and a tangible response to the new mobility challenges for all professionals. ”  Vincent Cobée, Citroën Managing Director.


Depending on the driving profile, ë-Berlingo Van’s 50kWh lithium-ion battery can enable contractors to make journeys or rounds of up to 275km on a single charge. The two ë-Berlingo Van versions once again use the power chain of Group PSA’s e-CMP platform, and have the same battery capacity, providing range which is sufficient for the daily travel of the vast majority of users in this segment.

To maximise range, ë-Berlingo Van’s power chain regenerates energy during phases of braking or deceleration of the vehicle. For enhanced energy regeneration, the “B” button in the central console can be pressed. The battery is located under the seats and the loading floor of the vehicle. It thus has no impact on the load volume. It is guaranteed for 8 years or 160.000km (with 70% of battery capacity at the end of this guarantee period). A battery capacity certificate is issued after an inspection after 1 year or 20.000km, and then after each service, which is carried out after every 2 years or 40.000km.


With ë-Berlingo Van, each journey becomes a time for the passengers to relax. The vehicle starts to move in a very fluid way, due to the fact that its torque is immediately available, and to the linearity of the acceleration, with no change of gears. The electric power chain generates no noise or vibration. Each journey therefore feels very gentle. And these qualities are in addition to the on-board comfort provided by high seats, the suspension type, which allows precise guidance, which is damped, plus the ease of steering, and the 10.8m diameter turning circle.

ë-Berlingo Van is powered by an electric motor which manages traction depending on the selected driving mode and the driving conditions. Its 100kW power rating (136hp)/260N.m means that it can reach a maximum speed of 130km/h, regardless of the mode used. These various modes can be selected via a specific control in the console:

  • Normal – 80kW/180N.m.: provides the ideal compromise between autonomy and dynamic services,
  • Eco – 60kW/190N.m.: enables energy consumption to be optimised by reducing use of heating and air conditioning, without however deactivating them, and by reducing the motor torque and power,
  • Power – 100kW/260N.m.: allows vehicle performance for greater comfort and performance under maximum load conditions.


There are three charging possibilities, from simple standard socket charging to super-fast charging, which enables 80% of the battery to be charged in 30 minutes. However, a simple Green’Up socket enables a large proportion of the battery to be charged overnight, making it operational for a day’s work.

  • Domestic charging, requiring a mode 2 cable (mass produced in France) for use at home or in a place of work or vehicle park. This charging mode is compatible with a standard 8A socket or an enhanced 16A socket (Green’Up unit + socket), which halves the recharging time, and enabling a 100% charged battery to be obtained in less than 15 hours, or 5 hours 30 minutes for 100km.
  • Private or public fast charging, requiring installation of a 3.7 to 22 kW Wallbox fast charging unit, and a mode 3 cable (optional). The charging time from 0 to 100% is then 7 hours 30 minutes (monophase 7.4 kW Wall Box) or 5 hours (triphase 11kW Wall Box).
  • Super-fast charging at a public station, up to 100kW with mode 4 cable integrated in the charger. Enables 80% of the 50kWh battery to be charged in 30 minutes. ë-Berlingo Van is in the first rank of its market segment in terms of fast charging time.