CLdN expands Santander/Dublin service with links to Seatruck


Luxembourg based CLdN recently secured approval from the Irish and EU Regulatory Authorities for its takeover of the Clipper Group’s Seatruck Ferries subsidiary. Seatruck’s vessels now carry a CLdN funnel logo.

The first service change following the takeover comes with a doubling of frequency on the CLdN Santander/Liverpool/Dublin service. Instead of making a single triangular rotation each week, the CLdN vessel will operate two round trips between Santander and Dublin. As these sailings are between ports within the EU neither the vessel not the cargo owners face any of the regulatory difficulties that including a third country call.

Cargo in trailers and containers coming from or destined to, Liverpool will be carried aboard the Seatruck service linking Dublin and Liverpool.

The vessel “Clipper Pennant”, currently on charter to P&O Ferries and operating on their Dublin/Liverpool service will return to Seatruck, bringing to four their vessels committed on the Dublin/Liverpool service. Seatruck Ferries will also maintain its once daily Dublin/Heysham service.

Speaking about these developments, Florent Maes CEO CLdN commented:” Since the Seatruck terminal in Dublin will be adjacent to CLdN’s as from late January 2023, we can make use of this unique position, which will be seamlessly connecting Dublin to and from Liverpool. Increased frequency will result in a big advantage for our customers, it will result in quicker turnaround times of their assets, and they will be able to deliver cargo more flexibly throughout the week. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the service to our customers and are excited about the future potential that we now have with our Irish services, since the acquisition of Seatruck Ferries.”

Also, Stena Line has announced that they will introduce the cruise ferry “Stena Vision” onto their Rosslare/Cherbourg service in June 2023 replacing the Seatruck owned “Seatruck Panorama” at the end of her charter. Howard Knott