Complete Intermodal Product Range FROM Kässbohrer


Kässbohrer trailer engineers continue to innovative products and services to meet the needs of its customers, while also addressing the changing transport and logistics industry and environment challenges together.

Aligned with the environmental demands, promoted by modal shift policies, intermodal business operations offer a way of reducing industry’s carbon foot print while benefiting the customers with operational flexibility. Accounting for 11% of Europe’s goods transportation, and expected to grow by an average of 4% by 2020, intermodal transport is where Kässbohrer is in a position to meet the needs of its customers with the complete intermodal product range.

Included in the line-up is the Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH, the K.SWAU CL and robust curtainsider ranges, while Kässbohrer’s gooseneck light container chassis K.SHG L is engineered to handle both containers and swap bodies ranging from C45 to C55. With its tare weight below 3.900 kg, K.SHG L allows higher payload and lower fuel consumption. Its design allows the safe and easy loading of containers with only four locks. Additionally, K.SHG L offers a user-friendly operation when switching between 40 ft and 45 ft containers with the design that allows switching the positioning of front container locks that eliminates the need for an extendable gooseneck.

At the 67th IAA CV Show 2018, Kässbohrer won a Trailer Innovation Award for the second time with its innovation Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AMVH in the “Chassis” category. This Multifunctional Container Chassis with unique octagonal central frame design enables all welded components of the chassis to reduce all ancillary tension issues making the entire chassis almost tension free, preventing permanent damage arising from regular operations that are carried out with the industry standard rectangular central frame design. Front, middle and rear extensions and specially designed locking mechanisms provide the most user-friendly operation.