Consultation opens on Future Level of Renewable Energy Used in Transport Sector


The Department for Communications, Climate Action & Environment, has published a public consultation on the level of renewable energy in road transport fuels. 

The Government’s Climate Action Plan, published earlier this year, sets out over 180 actions needed to take in every Department and every sector to achieve its 2030 targets, and enable to meet net zero emissions by 2050. Transitioning to cleaner fuels is a key part of the Plan.

Since 2010, suppliers of road transport fuel have been required to ensure that biofuels make up a certain percentage of annual fuel sales. Since the start of 2019, the obligation has been set at 10% by volume. From the start of 2020, the obligation will increase to 11% by volume. This consultation, which is an action in the Climate Action Plan, seeks views for how we can further increase ambition over the coming decade. 

In explanation, Minister Bruton said: “We must radically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and transition to more sustainable, low carbon alternatives. Since the start of this year, we have increased the biofuel obligation from 8% to 10% by volume, with a further increase coming in January which will bring it to 11% by volume. As a result of these measures, the use of biofuels will reduce emissions by an estimated 500,000 tonnes every year. This is equivalent to taking almost 150,000 cars off the road. We must build on that significant progress and see how we can further contribute to reducing emissions through the use of sustainable biofuels.” 

The consultation seeks input on a number of questions including the level of renewable energy in the transport sector in 2030, the introduction of an additional obligation for advanced biofuels, technical challenges and cost impacts.

The public consultation is open until 15 November 2019. Details of how members of the public and interested stakeholders can have their say on this consultation are available on the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment’s website here.