Container transport market share increasing at the Port of Gothenburg


Swedish container transport is increasingly concentrated to the Nordic region’s largest port – this is shown by recently published statistics from Swedish government agency Transport Analysis and The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises. The Port of Gothenburg’s market share of container freight to or from Swedish ports increased by three percentage points in 2021. The port also grew in relation to the largest ports in Europe.

The port of Gothenburg is Sweden’s and the Nordic region’s largest port – by far when it comes to container freight. The Port of Gothenburg handled 828,000 containers in 2021 and grew further in relation to other ports in Sweden.

”This is proof of the market’s increasingly growing confidence in the Port of Gothenburg. Despite global disruptions, we have managed to stay open 24/7 without any major disturbances. Our almost perfect balance between import and export has also been a great advantage as global container shortages has been in effect,” said Elvir Dzanic, CEO at the Gothenburg Port Authority.

Railway important factor
More and more Swedish goods owners are choosing the port of Gothenburg for their container transports, regardless of where in the country they are. According to Elvir Dzanic, the port’s growing railway system, Railport Scandinavia, is an important factor. With frequent, reliable and climate-smart rail transports to and from the port, time and money can be saved and the climate footprint reduced.

”The system has been expanded gradually with more departures, new inland terminals and destinations. It is a result of a strong will among railway partners around the country to respond to market demand and invest,” said Elvir Dzanic.

The growth by rail in the Port of Gothenburg resulted in a total of 458,000 containers transported by rail in 2021, which is the highest number in the history of the port.

Growing in relation to European ports
The port of Gothenburg’s market share increased from 48 to 51 percent in Sweden in 2021, and this is the fourth year in a row that the port sees an increase.

In the Port of Gothenburg, the terminal operator APM Terminals handles the majority of the container volumes.

”The supply chain is still under great pressure and the situation is challenging. The fact that many turn to APM Terminals in the Port of Gothenburg is of course gratifying and we at APM Terminals work intensively and continuously to increase our capacity and flexibility to meet the ever-increasing demand for logistics solutions,” said Dennis Lenthe Olesen, CEO of APM Terminals Nordic.

The port is also growing in relation to the largest ports in Europe. While the five largest ports increased by an average of five percent, the Port of Gothenburg increased by seven percent in terms of handelled container volume.