Continental expands tyre advice video library to support operators and technicians


Continental Tyres has welcomed the new year with vehicle safety and operator understanding in sharp focus, with the addition of four new tyre advice video guides. 

Created in partnership with Continental’s in-house training centre, the ContiAcademy, the resources aim to help fleets of all sizes increase their understanding of pertinent topics to maximise the safety and performance of their vehicles. The videos also seek to remind fitters about key elements of tyre service and maintenance.

Recognising operators’ diverse needs, Continental’s latest videos draw attention to operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. In the roadside and workshop tyre fitting videos, Continental shines a light on tyre mounting processes while the truck tyre wear and tyre ingredients videos equip operators with insights to achieve Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC) and minimise premature tyre wear.

Roadside Tyre Fitting

Truck tyre changes happen at the roadside on a daily basis, but incorrect procedures can lead to potentially dangerous consequences. Continental’s experts demonstrate the correct process for safe on-site tyre replacements.

Workshop Tyre Fitting

Complacency can easily lead to accidents. Changing tyres, even in a workshop setting, can be a dangerous task if done incorrectly. In this video, technicians are brought up to speed on the correct procedures to follow – and the right tools to get the job done safely.

Truck Tyre Wear

Minimising uneven or irregular tread wear is crucial for maximising tyre life and reducing fleet costs. In this video, operators and technicians demonstrate some of the causes of truck tyre wear.

Tyre Ingredients

Every tyre is engineered using a complex combination of components made from a variety of complementing materials. In this video, operators and technicians are guided through the principles of tyre construction.

Steve Howat, General Manager – Technical Services at Continental Tyres, said: “As we head into the new year, we are calling on operators to equip themselves with all the information they need to best look after their tyres. We also want to help tyre technicians to refresh themselves on the principles of tyre maintenance. As a tyre manufacturer and fleet manager, we fully appreciate the benefits of correct tyre maintenance. Unfortunately, we’re also all too familiar with the consequences. That’s why we’re encouraging operators to take the same diligent approach.”

“Our latest tyre advice videos are yet another example of how Continental is helping the haulage industry to optimise tyre performance, enhance safety, and ensure the reliability of fleet operations.” 

Continental’s UK-based tyre training centre, ContiAcademy, provides comprehensive training courses for tyre technicians and fleet operators, equipping them with the essential skills for safe and effective tyre husbandry.