Covid 19: Developments in Denmark, Czech Republic & Poland


Lockdown extended to 10 May

With all borders closed in Denmark, entry is only for Danish citizens, trucks with goods or foreigners which need a “worthy reason” to visit the country (such as visiting a seriously ill relative etc., or if they permanently live and/or work in Denmark). Cafes, restaurants and a lot of other types of shops are still closed. Public gatherings with more than 10 persons are banned until at least May 10.

Rules of weekly rest suspension was called off on April 11 as part of a partial reopening of society. All trucks can still enter the “green zones” in the big cities. Also some other administrative rules are loosened regarding drivers’ daily work, since renewal of certain permits etc. is impossible these days. Trucks and drivers are carrying on their daily work, although facing difficulties accessing sanitary facilities, both in public and at customers etc. Most truck workshops are still open with precautions such as physical contact between drivers and staff. Lockdown of the Danish borders and society in general will last at least until May 10.

Problems prevail in Czech Republic & Poland

Due to the new rules implemented by Czech Republic, all trucks  entering or leaving Czech territory must stop to register drivers and check them if quarantine is needed. That makes waiting time on borders longer for transiting truck drivers, up to 4 hours.

Since now everybody in Poland must wear face mask in public places. Truck, van and car drivers are free of that requirement when seated inside the vehicle but once outside, they must wear the mask.